Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Epic Suckitude!

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Hola my Koreaboos, klown haters, and random readers! Tonight I felt like getting on a high horse, since well it's been awhile and I felt the urge.

In for a penny in for a pound I've heard said. I'm sure you might apply that to any manner of what comes next, so fuck you too!

And no, I won't be talking about that lame parody that was the last Ghostbusters movie, despite how it got so many lesbian and gender studies majors panties wet. My name is pronounced DOOOOCE, which means mild, with a French variation on the final syllables to emphasize the soft 'c', despite how it is spelt Douche in my native language, and even though that sounds like shithead in your language, I am not a dick and you should respect my choices! My voice matters!

Not that there is anything wrong with all that mind. . .nor will I discuss how from now on being shocking or using hyperbole will now get you irrevocably grouped into the Republican fold, since being insensitive or controversial means you are akin to the brutes that now represent that party in the states.

No, we have other far more important topics to discuss, mainly:

When did most expats start to epically suck?

I remember back in the day. . . .when I was your age some random old fogey would go on. . .I had to walk uphill both ways to buy chicken from the back of a bongo truck! And I loved every miserable, drunken step!

No, I'm talking about how lame the expat community has generally become.

Now I know this is a mantra that became common place after those Eat your Kimchi twats showed up, but hear me out: no one has stepped in to fill the void. 

Why is that?

It would be easy to blame the gender studies fucks, since they brought PC to a whole new level. No one dares to seem unsympathetic nor lacking savvy, akin to the first episode of the 3rd season of Black Mirror.  Who wants to get voted down, even if your biggest crime is simply to have woken up in a bad mood?  Not this bad hombre!

There used to be those who just were because they were. There were those who had no fucks to give, and they did what was done because it the end it enriched us all. They wrote, sang, engaged life, because that was who they were. Being an expat also was seen as liberating, since the normal rules didn't apply. You were a loser back home? Guess what? That means absolutely nothing here, since no one knows you and no one cares who you used to be. You are either a new person or fit the caricature-de-jour.

My last couple trips through Seoul, all I've seen are folks who lack the will to say anything that might get them voted down. The music, art, conversation they engender lacks vitality and interest. This is an example of epic suckitude, since we've all already seen how boring it can all get thanks again to the writers and musicians that became popular a few years back.

What a bunch of boring softcocks we've become.

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