Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Slice of Life!

Last Saturday we went out and got a hedgehog. The pet that was truly desired was a cat, but the last one we had suddenly disappeared when June decided she'd had enough of the thing jumping on her at random times. There was talk of a goldfish or a hamster: goldfish? sure let's get a pet that just floats around and dies. Hamster? Equally dull and boring.

A hedgehog was met with great interest. Lives longer, sleeps all day, boring as fuck to play with, but spiky enough to deserve caution, and it eats bugs. Also, you have to let the thing bite you to draw a small amount of blood for it to bond. Suppose it's best to just wait and see how great it is, although I've found letting it run around at night certainly makes it happier, and it digs people as it keeps coming to hang out it my room. No word yet on whether it prefers whiskey, beer, or rice wine.

I've let the hedgehog distract me from the day. It's been a while since I've felt much, having exchanged peaks and lows for balance, and with the youngest getting molested today by one of the part time teachers at the school, I suppose being able to control the urge to immediately go and eviscerate the fucker is not necessarily a bad thing. I was much angrier earlier, but the liquor and wanting to believe that following legal channels won't disappoint have temporarily sedated me. Besides, wouldn't serve to have dad in jail, since lacking a dad who isn't a complete retard when you're a mixed blood low life in this shithole is a recipe for young women dancing on the pole in this most finest of peninsulas. Her background prolly inspired him to act in the way he did, since hey, no one will dare to challenge the pure adjusshit!

Tomorrow I'm taking her up to Chunchon where she'll meet with a special team chosen to record evidence in these kinds of situations. I've already accumulated a fair amount of evidence myself: the perp is a part timer given the position due to his connection with the principal and kickbacks, all since he runs a playschool, and coming in once a week to teach phys ed is a great way to get customers. I know where his main business is, where his wife works, and where he lives. I've been busy sorting out his connections. The chances of getting jail time for the fucker are slim, since he will undoubtedly offer cash, and to not take it would be considered bad form. To pursue the case in court will be expensive, and will only result in him getting a slap on the wrist. The best option is to balk at his offer of cash for as long as possible when it comes, and let the adjumma network ruin his life as it gets out.

I won't go into the details of what he did, save that after the youngest had said no to his suggestions, she screamed her lungs out when he persisted. She's 9 and he's in his early 40s.  I'd taught her years ago to scream then punch at the nads, and am glad something stuck.She's still pretty fucked up, and no doubt will be for some time.

That's broken waeg talking. Congrats expats! You've succeeded in dragging another below your level! It's pretty goddamn lame down here let me tell ya. I get why you can't abide having any of your ilk shine. I used to get so much more worked up, but dealing with ijits all the time has stupefied.

Let's see how it plays out. Who knows, maybe I'll find the mustard to get all old testament on the fucker. I'm sure it'll be easy as soon as someone plays the 'please understand' card on me.


Anonymous said...

Really sorry to hear this, waeg

Anonymous said...

I wanna bitch at ya for bein so soft in your repsonse I know I'd burn that man. I'm trying to understand

Texaschicken said...

My condolences. But i agree with the 2nd poster. Congrats on being calmer and more reasonable than me.

The Angry Hermit said...

Fuck, that's not what I expected this post would be about.

I think you are probably approaching it right. Revenge is probably easier and more effective when it's not expected and a little after the fact.

But fuck.

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