Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Galaxy S5!

Today around the water cooler Mr. Choi was complaining about his crap old phone.  His wife refuses to allow him a new one, since they must save money for their children's education and his old 2G phone still works fantastically thank you very much so suck it up.  I showed him my new Galaxy S5 and told him how he too could get a new phone: simply have an accident and drop it in the toilet or the bath.

You see, last week I was finally successful in destroying my old iPhone4.  Apparently, falling asleep and submerging the iPhone in the bath for 20 minutes is not a good thing.  Trying the old put-it-in-a-bag-of-rice and taking it apart thing didn't work, as the battery and headphone jack were totally shot.

Whether or not I was being a complete idiot or subconsciously trying to get rid of it is a matter of debate and conjecture, although it should be said that I was getting a bit tired of the broken microphone speaker, the repeated dropped wifi and network signals, and the now seemingly tiny screen and slow graphics rendering compared to all the new devices out there.  Having to constantly use my headphones to make and receive calls was tedious, as was the fact that it had uploaded some rather compromising pictures to my shared iCloud account, thus providing opportunity for more tension between June and I.  Whatever the real reasons, after almost 5 years the phone went oops and would cost a fair amount to repair.

So I called up my brother-in-law and asked about deals on new phones.  He runs a number of small businesses, among them a number of cell phone shops.  He said I could get an iPhone 5, but he could offer a fantastic deal on the new Galaxy S5 LTE.  I'd had a love-hate relationship with my Galaxy S2, but the price was too good to pass up.

I can't fully comment on the new phone fully yet, as it's only been a few days, but the speed, screen size, and overall hardware is solid, as I'd felt generally about the SG2 despite how fragile the phone felt.  This version seems more solid.  Supposedly it's also waterproof, but I'll save that test for a later date depending on circumstance. I'll play around with it more before I comment on functionality and software, as this was my biggest beef with the SG2, feeling that in those departments it didn't hold a candle to the iPhone 4.

Still, it is fun and fast.  I did leave out some of the more salacious details while talking with Mr. Choi, but he did seem quite intrigued as to the possibilities of my methods for getting a new phone.

Time for coffee.

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