Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Taiwanese Special Forces
The phone rings.  It's been a month since waeg's phone has actually worked: the mic finally shat the bed after he'd dropped it a few dozen times.  Damn you Apple!  Now I have to use headphones to make a call!  Yet today he does have them, as he brought his laptop to work to surf porn and post anonymous comments on various websites.  It isn't a spam number so he answers:

Wow, Mr. Waeg!  It has been such a long time!  How are you?  Let's have dinner!

A student from long ago, when he actually still cared about such things.  He hasn't heard from him in well near ten years.

So he goes.  He taught the kid when he was in elementary and middle school, a time that seems near imaginary, save for how easy it could be to find himself there again.  Kid is now a dude, somewhat broken by a bad love affair Waeg soon sorts out from the conversation, but that becomes secondary when dude starts talking about his time in the military.

Well, yeah, I went to the states, a Good School, it was all grand, thanks for your help by the way, but the girl I had in high school, well, I kinda fucked that up, as some random blonde hottie threw herself at me at this frat party, and, well, yeah, I responded, because she was hot, and I'm like wasted, what's a guy supposed to do? so wooooooah!  The pictures got onto Facebook, but whatever, that's not what you asked!  The military wasn't so bad I guess, since I had not such a bad job doing translation, but man!  All I could think was that the military was so fucked!  Most of what I did was bullshit, and yeah there were times when I sweated my ass off, but most of the time I was expected to sit around and wait for the higher ups to make some decision, and I'd leave at five and get called back at six thirty, then sit there until ten, eleven, mostly doing nothing.

So you've been well prepared for life as an indentured servant with your favorite chaebol then!

Haha ya you can say that!  It seems though that most of the problem in Korean society are because of the military, since I know that once I become an old dude after kissing so much ass over time, I'll just expect the same since that's what I had to do.  That's why I'm thinking I should just say fuck it and go work in the states.

Waeg wants to say something about brain drain, commitment to the nation that helped make you who you are, but he doesn't.  He knows this guy will be back.  It's in his nature.  But Waeg knows this is the reality of the situation, since he sussed it out years ago.  Angry educated dudes escape to the West almost as frequently as jilted, maligned women do from this greatest of peninsulas, with the latter far less likely to return; but no matter for the Minjok, as many of these women end up marrying ethnic Koreans in their newly adopted state, despite how they've all been corrupted from the purest vision of what Korea was, is, and should be. . . sadly, it's too late for them to abuse the new fresh off the boats who have run the dry cleaners and grocery stores their parents or grandparents slaved in to afford them the Ivy league cred, now they actually have to earn their way by the same rules as everyone else.  But then Waeg knows talking of this is well, racism!  It's the fault of the white man!  It seems a mantra in the Asian diaspora these days.  But Waeg knows he's gone off on a tangent, so focuses again on dude.  They talk about a camping trip and promise to meet up again soon.

It's late.  Waeg knows he's almost on borrowed time.  Yet something still nags.  It's not how myopic the hyphenated Asians are in western countries.  It's more about what he missed in effectively sublimating the White Man's Burden


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you take him on a little climb up the narrow alley hill south of the train station? You're his senior fer criisakes. Throw the kid a bone! Its about the best one can get in hill Billy korea.


Anonymous said...

Not sure I should have read that on this fine Saturday morning. I was bright and sunny, filled with expectation for the day, week ahead. Mustn't, or shouldn't remind the long term foreigner just what he/she is missing out on, for life here.


F5Waeg said...

well Billy, I did pay for most of the drinks and what not, but I'm too much of a cheap ass to pay for his trip up the hill. . . and sorry Brier, I'll try to post something more uplifting next :)

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