Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Becoming Adjusshi!

Living as an expat can be trying for even the most hardy of adventurers.  As a good expat on this most finest of peninsulas, I've worked hard to integrate and understand the pure mind of my most kind and generous hosts. It isn't always easy, and sometimes the learning curve can be steep. But it is a question of manners after all, and as my mama taught me right, everyday I strive to become more adjusshi, since a man does what a man does.

Still, sometimes I mess up a little.  This morning on my way to work is a good example: I was a bit late and driving a tad too fast and blew through the Hipass at well above the recommended 30 km/h. As I had the speed, I cut in front of a BMW on the way into my exit. Mr. BMW was obviously quite annoyed, as he flashed his lights repeatedly at me; every good adjusshi knows that the person with the more expensive car is always given the right of way in this most excellent of nations. I thought it best to speed up, to remove myself from the sight of Mr. BMW; I climbed to 160 and blew past a bunch of traffic to do so. However, Mr. BMW was having none of that and obviously felt that I needed finer instruction on the ways of this most pretigious land: he quickly caught up and tried to cut me off going 170+.

Now this to me was quite shocking, as he was endangering his car. This was not in keeping with true adjusshi, and it was obvious he needed my help. An opportunity to pass him in the traffic presented itself, and as I've seen this kind of situation several times before and knew what needed to be done, in true adjusshi fashion I blew past Mr. BMW then slowed down to about 80 to run parallel with a truck. He obviously was needing the time to calm and slow down, to stop risking damage to his very nice car. I gave him the time to honk and flash his lights repeatedly, then at the last second veered off onto an exit. While he did try to slow down to also get the exit and continue his instruction, he was unable and I was gone.

I know I could have handled the situation better, by yielding to his obviously higher economic and social status, and while I do try my best to meet the expectations based on keen observation over the years, I know I still have much to learn. But really it's what should be done. As it has often been said: when in Rome, do as the Koreans. One day I know I will get it right.

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Jake said...

Fuck ajeossis. They drive like shit at all times. A BMW is an aspirational piece of Eurotrash, primarily driven by morons and other Klowns who can't convince their fathers to buy them a Benz. Ajeossis driving BMWs are just vulgar.

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