Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Series of Small Flames

Ji Eun had a body and presence that commanded attention, no matter how capricious that can be.  She had no idea how she enticed all, male, female, to think lascivious. . . of all the women he ceased contact with upon marriage she is the only one Waeg regrets.

Sol Hee worked hard to hit bottom, and did when she found herself knocked up by some married douche.  He lied about all he was, and she being smart enough to know better still dove in head first.  Waeg stopped taking her calls when they only became about a loan or maybe a box of food, with hints of exchange suggested.

Min Jung played the scene, but played it safe by finding those who claimed insight and general indifference.  Extensive plastic surgery made her almost unattractive for the guy digging the girl next door, but Waeg considered this mitigated by how she always paid for at least one bottle.  Where she is now is pure conjecture.

So Ra was so incredibly naive, it is a surprise she swam in the shark infested waters she did to exit unscathed.  A genuine nice girl, it still remains to be seen how her time in the pit will manifest.  Smart money from the Waeg says it won't, as she is impermeable. 

Bo Ryung knew exactly what she wanted, and had no dilemma in using all and sundry to get it.  When called on her perspective, she responded by dispensing with most of the glamor, and enlisting more than a few of the savvy to help marry into wealth.  Every now and then she lets Waeg know she's still paying attention.

No more reminisce.  Too much of that only distracts from the task at hand, invites melancholy; while indulging it would be fulfilling his 40% Adjusshi status, Waeg is not in the mood.  He smirks, random thoughts of age taking hold.  But another drink and reading something dry and academic should take care of that for now.  He cracks the bottle open and reaches for the nearest book.

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