Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Random Late Night Videos!

As the Youngest has a birthday upcoming, it's time again to hone my papier mache pinata skillz.  The last couple nights' readings and discussion have had some value added, as the girls and I worked on making 'so improved' pinata to smash with a bat, to shower the gaggle expected on Saturday with sweets and stationary.

I could go on about using balloons and pop sickle sticks to make most awesome ginger bread pinata, and as the girls are still on vacation I let em stay up till midnight to teach em how to play Pacman and watch the movie Tron, but it is late and I'm more about ignoring the little voice telling me not to post for the nth time the random videos that I've dredged from the memory well as I prepare for 6:00 AM.  In my defense, far worse has come from similar situations. 

Mockery in comments, thanks.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Animal Farm!

I started reading Animal Farm to the girls a couple of nights ago.  Tonight we finished the third chapter.

I haven't seen them this enthralled with a book since Harry Potter and when we first subscribed to ' Dog Poop Playground' 개똥이네 놀이터 (Daddy's hilarious! misreading of the Korean title, since daddy is somewhat of an idiot, but really it's that he likes taking the piss through stupid puns and intentional misreadings in his third language).  Should be interesting to see how they react when the hammer falls and Boxer is sold off to the knackers.

I mentioned to a coworker that I was reading it to them.  Aren't they a bit young?  Sure, the youngest could benefit from having a few more years, but as the girls are completely obsessed with Frozen these days, belting out Let it Be at 10000 decibels at least 5-6 times a week for the last three, I consider them ready and well prepared for understanding that not everything is as it may seem, so let's talk and write on metaphor and allegory.

Besides, years back when I ran my own tutoring / copy editing / study abroad / immigration counseling business, Animal Farm was an essential book for any of the students in the fourth grade and above.  Must keep up with the standard I set for the Joneses after all.

Tonight it was all about realizing that pigs are very smart, and know well how to manipulate others.  I'm saving the concept of 'playing the game' for later, as I've learned that bringing that in too soon can make some see all games as terrible, but I digress. Over the next few days, I'll work in more of the allegorical aspects, and what the pigs / horses / dogs / sheep may represent.  Reading in the correct tone at the correct place is crucial!  The eldest has already sussed out where the book is going, as it obviously is a fairy tale far removed from most of the pablum sold to kids.

For now, think I'll spend a bit more time on Fark.  Been a while since I've been there, and reading about people in Georgia freaking out over freezing rain and 2 inches of snow and gridlock for 12 hours (OMG I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO I WAS STUCK IN MY CAR AND COULDN'T LEAVE wait is that a starbucks and a 7-11 just over there and the radio is telling me nothing is moving and my smartphone is showing me ice storms and shit and how people need to really dig out of snow how'd i become such a softcock SHUT UP! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE WHERE IS THE GOVIRNMENT MY TAX DOLLARS WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TOOOOO??!!) makes me laugh and entertain how a cull may be in order.  I'm sure I could work that into our discussion somehow.  Probably best to save it for the Purge.

First, time for some more whiskey.

Friday, February 7, 2014

So many kinds of wrong

Been a while since I've done this; what can I say?  Not so much time to root out videos on the internetz.

I have had these kicking around for a while

So many kinds of wrong

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Series of Small Flames

Ji Eun had a body and presence that commanded attention, no matter how capricious that can be.  She had no idea how she enticed all, male, female, to think lascivious. . . of all the women he ceased contact with upon marriage she is the only one Waeg regrets.

Sol Hee worked hard to hit bottom, and did when she found herself knocked up by some married douche.  He lied about all he was, and she being smart enough to know better still dove in head first.  Waeg stopped taking her calls when they only became about a loan or maybe a box of food, with hints of exchange suggested.

Min Jung played the scene, but played it safe by finding those who claimed insight and general indifference.  Extensive plastic surgery made her almost unattractive for the guy digging the girl next door, but Waeg considered this mitigated by how she always paid for at least one bottle.  Where she is now is pure conjecture.

So Ra was so incredibly naive, it is a surprise she swam in the shark infested waters she did to exit unscathed.  A genuine nice girl, it still remains to be seen how her time in the pit will manifest.  Smart money from the Waeg says it won't, as she is impermeable. 

Bo Ryung knew exactly what she wanted, and had no dilemma in using all and sundry to get it.  When called on her perspective, she responded by dispensing with most of the glamor, and enlisting more than a few of the savvy to help marry into wealth.  Every now and then she lets Waeg know she's still paying attention.

No more reminisce.  Too much of that only distracts from the task at hand, invites melancholy; while indulging it would be fulfilling his 40% Adjusshi status, Waeg is not in the mood.  He smirks, random thoughts of age taking hold.  But another drink and reading something dry and academic should take care of that for now.  He cracks the bottle open and reaches for the nearest book.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Tonight I watched Frozen for the 5th time with my girls.

I choose an added value approach, with 2 intermissions.

These are the videos they watched at moments I thought fitting:

RED from RED on Vimeo.

Sure, there was some random talk involved; mostly about how learning English on their own is worth something, as their Korean near surpasses mine.  Really it is about upping your game.  They're constantly being told they should ignore what is, which is about being soft: dad wat?  My mom's dad spent several year in prison because he got loaded and made too many jokes about Park Geun Hye's dad, and she had to eat a lot of fish as my grandmother was a fishmonger; and you, your mom the lily white protestant girl with a wannabee Orangeman father, allowed herself to be  impregnated by some French Catholic scum, you not being acknowledged as spawn for 6 years after your birth, until you on your own wandered into the correct cemetery and stood in front of the right tomb after you'd acquired the chocolate you set out for?  How does your father think of you now?  You've got a nerve to judge me!  Waeg as a dad, what do you know!  Why do you always bring it back to you??

Getting ready for them teenage year talks.  Hard to sell it to the folks back home, since it is about being something different, something apart.  But you'd think after all these years sorting things out, salty expats on the streets would have something more useful to say besides how they hate being here and how they can't.

Luckily it's only 11:23, and I'll not follow that train of thought, since one thing I've learned in my self imposed powerlessness is that those of my ilk can not see more than they choose to.  Something about pearls before swine as they say.  I'll not drink too much more, as 6:00 AM is close, and a new day dawns.  The hardest walk is about is begin.

I suppose I can have at least one more.