Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Mustang Bubble Butt!

Destination: in laws.  Mission: eat rice cake and beef soup, watch inane tv while grandparents dote on grand kids.  Anticipate reprieve when we hit the coffee shop owned by June's sister, as this will mean a cup of decent Joe.

Current location: plodding along a ring road at 110km an hour in a 60 zone, while most bomb pass us.  One car in particular catches June's eye:

What was that car? It's going very fast


It looked so ugly.

Well you know how it is:  sometimes you see a girl in the distance and she seems fine, but when you get close it's like burn it with fire.  Sometimes she may look very plain but when you get close she's actually pretty fine.

We get off the ring road and stop at a light.  The car is in front of us, a new Mustang.

It is ugly.  It looks like it has a fat 엉덩이

Well I guess the designers know that a lot of young American guys like the booty, so they made the new Mustang with a bubble butt.

The conversation ends there as we pull into the grandparents' house.  Let the inane tv punctuated by idiotic infomercials begin.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

I own a new Mustang. It was a gift to myself after finally divorcing my controlling, demanding money hungry princess Korean wife. When we were married she wanted a car. We lived in Seoul and didn't need one. She of course said I diid not understand. This was about the only thing I ever said "NO" about. (stupid me) I said amybe a used car, she said it must be new.

I told her I wanted a Mustang as I was the one at the time earning a (rather large amount of cash) each month. She said there was no need and it was ugly.

The other she told me how "Beautiful" my Mustang is. Funny now she can't afford 2 million won of makeup every three months and she actually has to work, that she appreciates things differently.

OMG Korean cars are boring. Look out your window and see how many cars you can find that inspire anything but uniformity. Suits Koreans, not me.

Love the Blog BTW. Hang in there bro.

Anonymous said...

Ohh...and my ex had the best butt I (and my friends) had ever seen. The first time I saw here I said , "See that girl with the ass?" "I am gonna marry her". Of course straight after marriage there was no chance of getting near it. Be careful what you wish for boys.

F5Waeg said...

Awesome story mang. Wish I could afford a decent car, but I take the fam home every two years or so and keep two cars on the road as is, but maybe soon. I wouldn't buy a Mustang as a new one though, since I need something that will carry all the camping gear. Hope you and your new girl keep each other happy for a good long haul.

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