Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We Build the Great!

Today I met with my new replacement as head of the conceptual design department.

I've been doing the job for four years. I recently asked for a reassignment as I didn't like the way the wind was blowing. My argument was that a farmer does not always sow the same field year after year; they need to let the soil lay fallow for a time, to ensure a solid crop after a couple of years. They ate that right up and reassigned me to quality control; however, they did decide to extend my metaphor by covering me in shit, as although I will be moved to a less demanding position with less responsibility and a much lighter workload, I will have a new immediate supervisor. Mr. Kim is a guy who just happens to gleefully dream of my destruction.

Luckily, he has very little power to interfere with my day to day, as the position is quite autonomous, although I'm sure he'll be working hard at trying to trip me up. I've already been informed that I am free to generally ignore him. Regardless of what happens, less responsibility will be a nice for a go. I've been told I can have at least a year in my new position.

What it came down to was not wanting to work at cross purposes: a member of the board had informally asked me several months past to either generally sabotage any new programs for a time, or to get any new partners to only be those seeking licensing agreements on our products, as there are issues with funding, and well, We Build the Great. The CEO meanwhile expects results with new products made through partners overseas, but which often require investment on our part.

Being asked to seek licensing on our stuff was a bit much; I already did far more than my original job description.  Having some of my Korean coworkers, who do little work, rub in my face how much more their salary is compared to mine, then being asked to do more work, and a type of work which would cause lower performance reviews, which would result in lower pay increases. . . . bah, fuck it.  Combined with a general atmosphere where more than a few of my Korean coworkers resent having a waeg deal with this aspect of the business, which they feel should be handled by a Korean, led me to 'request' a transfer.

I will lose a negligible amount of salary, miniscule really, which was actually decent, but I will have to update all my business cards. So be it. The overall pay will hopefully balance itself out over the long term, as my performance reviews will hopefully be stellar despite Mr. Kim's predictably shitty review.  The really cool thing is that one of my more vocal detractors, who consistently claimed I did no real work, will now take the position. It'll be hard for them to mess it up, as they will have very little new work to do in the foreseeable future, and I'm leaving the department a pretty tight ship with a very competent well functioning team. They would have to be a complete moron to mess it up, and while part of me hopes they do, I am being 100% with the transition as my work ethic demands it.

Guess I'll have more time to blog; it is about time to redesign the banner and layout. Come the end of January, I'll make that a priority.

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