Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saturday Night Reflection!

So Waeg,where you at now?

It's always good to get a laugh at the old fucks who cut the queue, making the halmoni at your local convenience store decide between you and the drunk adjushi who's been showing up a good five years more than you.

She knows he needs the attention more than you; he has been eating the shit of an unhappy marriage far longer than you, and he can't afford the room salon attention (just like you!) given to the SNU grads.  But it still causes more friction at your local convenience store, since I am a dirty waeg who is constantly reminded that he is the supplanter, taking jobs from the Minjok, and at that moment decided not to suck it up like so many times before and walked out after she served him first, as she decided him more deserving, being the older Korean man. He was only buying one beer and I was buying a six pack of water, so volume!  He jumped the queue and I said nothing, so she tried to ride it as she has done in the past, save when she turned to me to apologize, I walked away.

I have a hard time dealing with older Korean males who think they should come first simply based on gender and time in. I figure time in means wisdom, and I don't often see the latter from the majority of older Korean men. But I remember back home how old assholes often were given leniency.  I can only hope I won't age in the same manner.

I remind myself that Respect is partially based on age, partially based on merit. I used to joke about being the old fucker who would keep the baseball that got hit into his yard; a great thing about living in Korea is learning that rarely do old fuckers, especially older Korean men, earn the respect they feel deserved and demand.  Even if you've got no pull, the stooges will comply; the local convenience store owner with her ear to the ground knows you well and has got your back, so there is no need to keep the baseball as they'd prolly come lick your gooch to get it back anyway.

Phhht. . . grow a pair and represent I might have said when younger and more foolish.  Just because your old doesn't mean you simply get respect, you still need to show you're worthy of it.  I would hope to get called out when I started to slip, and that I wouldn't have dulled my mind too much with the soju to respond.  I know how broken a person can get, and can only hope to not lose so much perspective along the way.  StiIl, I think I'm going to love being able to say you must understand my special situation in later years, and that will make everything all OK, as the listener will be expected to overlook my own idiocy. . .  sadly in Korea, that statement has been abused far too often, especially when dealing with waegs.  "Please Understand my Special situation" does summarize everything good and bad about Korea since the 80's, as the leaders are stuck in a past they fought too hard to relearn, and everyone else is still hoping their kids will be able to negotiate the aftermath.   Three generations, expected to be so close, but really from very different planets.  For the latter, knowing that you can't keep the borders closed, nor is it desirable, because well, biology; but it does make sense to wish for pure blood if you're a big fan of the incest.


Baek In-je said...

I love your blog, I feel your pain, and even though we have never met, I feel compelled to ask you to please stop being a pu$$y, if not for yourself, for the rest of the waegoshere who will have to put up with that old bastaard, and others like him....oh, so many others like him.
I would have, invariably, said in my outside voice, "Say chi gi ma sey yo!" You know, but other might not, that this means 'don't cut in line. Then I would insist the old woman serve me first. You let this guy get away with it. Nothing shames a Korean more than a scolding in Korean by a waeg. Please, sir, grow a pair.

F5Waeg said...

Ah Mr. Baek I do deserve to get called out for that one, but I'm not quite the pussy you imagine. . . I'd just rather not spend all my time calling out old bastards like that as I'd be doing it all the time. Besides, getting all up in his face will often result in more crap later, as nobody likes having their quaint and weird little ideas about waegs confirmed more than Koreans.

The Angry Hermit said...

Old dudes get a bad rap.

From day one some of my most positive experiences in Korea involve old guys.
Getting the bus from the airport I was too slow to get off and the bus closed the doors and was about to drive off. Two guys around 55 got up and yelled at the driver to stop.

I appreciate there no fear and no consequences attitude which makes them ok to be around; a welcome change from the feminine youth.

Can all go to **** once you add alcohol though.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the older men.

Have you ever been first in line at the supermarket/station/bus stand/airport, only for some permed-up hag squeeze herself into the one inch gap between you and whatever you've been queuing up for?

It's like they have no course of action when this happens is usually to take one step forward and squeeze them further into the closed door/turnstile :D

F5Waeg said...

Yeah Hermit, I hear ya. . . it can go either way. I've had some of my best and worst experiences with old guys. I just hope to not end up giving too much of the latter when I'm old. . don't want to become too cantankerous.

As for the pushing, yeah I stand my ground as well, only letting people get passed if it is obviously an urgent matter.

Anonymous said...

You've lost focus old friend. Why do you bother yourself with this mundane shit? Where is the person I once knew?

F5Waeg said...

He's still here brother. . .He's just been asked to focus and represent for a time, so I did my best

Anonymous said...


F5Waeg said...

well I did meet my promise of 5 years. . . mostly. How to make the next 5 worthy is my next goal

Anonymous said...

You and yours have always got a place, let me know

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