Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Normal Day!

Today started off with a flat tire on the way to work. Being a good boy scout, I pulled over and started to remove the spare. In the process I got myself nicely dirty, as the fam van is nasty from driving though slush and snow for the last couple of weeks.

Sadly, the spare, which I replaced last April, was also flat. So I called up my car service for a tow.

After waiting a solid hour, and having given directions three times to three different people, the tow truck finally showed up. He at first didn't believe that the spare was flat and needed to check it out himself, then laughed and acknowledged I was right.

So into the tow truck we went.

My favorite car shop was insanely busy. The manager joked with me how whenever there is a little bit of snow they see a huge increase in business. He said it would take a few hours to get to the fam van, so I figured why not, get a full check up and oil change in the process. He said he'd call me when it was ready.

I went home to grab a bite to eat and have a dump, as it was near ten at this point and I had skipped breakfast. When I got there, I realized I had left my house key at the car shop. Unfortunately, June was not home and was not answering her phone. After standing around for a good 20 minutes, I decided fuck it and walked downtown. I figured I'd look for some Christmas presents and have a nice hot soup lunch before the car was fixed.

I plan on buying a cool silver ring for the youngest, as the eldest got one when she was the same age. This year, the folks have sent jewelry boxes for the girls, along with giving the eldest my grandmother's wedding ring, quite a special gift. It is time for the youngest to get her silver ring, but all I found in every jewelry shop was gaudy overpriced crap, so I went for lunch. Just after I ordered a hot bowl of noodle soup at one of the many dirty little hole in the wall restaurants in the downtown market, June called to say she was home but had to leave again.  She would leave the key in the mailbox. I finished my soup and was going to head to the AK plaza to look at more rings when the call came in that a registered package was being delivered to the apartment. I thought it was the package from my folks, so I said I'd be there in 30 minutes.

Pretty much as soon as I got home, the delivery guy showed up. It wasn't the package from my folks however, but some books and stuff I ordered though Amazon. The car shop still had not called, so I started up a nice pot of lamb stew.

Just as I was finishing it, the car shop called. At this point it was nearly four. There was really no point in heading to the office, and I'll probably have to eat a pile of shit for it tomorrow, but fuck it: so I went and got the fam van, paid the 400 000 for two new tires, oil change, other minor repairs including clutch spring and brake pads, then hustled back home to finish up the stew and start into some rice wine.

At nearly seven the rest of the fam showed up. June was having a moment, understandable as the full moon is near. She immediately went and hid in the bedroom as I fed the girls. It was an awesome stew.

After dinner, we cleaned up together, did some homework, then read a couple of books. After, I drank some more rice wine and started watching a sci fi series I never got around to watching: Earth Final Conflict. So far I've actually found it quite entertaining, with the female lead being somewhat nice to look at with her ample bosom.

Tired now. I should sleep soon, but first there still is one more bottle of rice wine.


Baek In-je said...

Full moon was the 17th. Are you using it as a euphemism for that other time women go nuts?
I just realized Amazon is the best place in history for buying used books. I got two book, one severely out of print (for decades) and rare, and the other one a classic written in the 2nd person.

F5Waeg said...

yes. some months are worse then others, usually following a three or four month cycle.

There are indeed many great books to found on amazon, too bad the shipping is so outrageous. 2nd person? Not bright lights, big city?

F5Waeg said...

most famous modern example

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