Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Generic Festive Greetings!

Greetings all, waeg here wishing you and yours warmth and happiness on this most special of days.

This year the Christmas preparations are a bit soft at this Waeg's house, as I had to work yesterday and have been quite busy finishing up a number of projects.  This year, there is no turkey, no Christmas tree, and no baking.  Major suck.

Still, a couple of families will come over today and make merry, as I plan on baking a couple of hams and some scallop potatoes, along with fixings.  I'm sure there will also be some wine and beer, and the kids will watch Home Alone for the 20th time.

Last night we did enjoy some quality family time talking about Christmas, and watching a version of A Christmas Carol.  While waiting for the girls to fall solidly asleep so I could play santa and fill their Christmas stockings, I spent some time reading up on Dickens; I did not realize what a dog he was, although I think I understand him all too well.

The girls are on their way to church, which is fine by me.  I'll finish up my coffee and watch some NSFW holiday videos. 

Treevenge from jasoneisener on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas!  I do have to work tomorrow, but I won't let that stop the fun today!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Normal Day!

Today started off with a flat tire on the way to work. Being a good boy scout, I pulled over and started to remove the spare. In the process I got myself nicely dirty, as the fam van is nasty from driving though slush and snow for the last couple of weeks.

Sadly, the spare, which I replaced last April, was also flat. So I called up my car service for a tow.

After waiting a solid hour, and having given directions three times to three different people, the tow truck finally showed up. He at first didn't believe that the spare was flat and needed to check it out himself, then laughed and acknowledged I was right.

So into the tow truck we went.

My favorite car shop was insanely busy. The manager joked with me how whenever there is a little bit of snow they see a huge increase in business. He said it would take a few hours to get to the fam van, so I figured why not, get a full check up and oil change in the process. He said he'd call me when it was ready.

I went home to grab a bite to eat and have a dump, as it was near ten at this point and I had skipped breakfast. When I got there, I realized I had left my house key at the car shop. Unfortunately, June was not home and was not answering her phone. After standing around for a good 20 minutes, I decided fuck it and walked downtown. I figured I'd look for some Christmas presents and have a nice hot soup lunch before the car was fixed.

I plan on buying a cool silver ring for the youngest, as the eldest got one when she was the same age. This year, the folks have sent jewelry boxes for the girls, along with giving the eldest my grandmother's wedding ring, quite a special gift. It is time for the youngest to get her silver ring, but all I found in every jewelry shop was gaudy overpriced crap, so I went for lunch. Just after I ordered a hot bowl of noodle soup at one of the many dirty little hole in the wall restaurants in the downtown market, June called to say she was home but had to leave again.  She would leave the key in the mailbox. I finished my soup and was going to head to the AK plaza to look at more rings when the call came in that a registered package was being delivered to the apartment. I thought it was the package from my folks, so I said I'd be there in 30 minutes.

Pretty much as soon as I got home, the delivery guy showed up. It wasn't the package from my folks however, but some books and stuff I ordered though Amazon. The car shop still had not called, so I started up a nice pot of lamb stew.

Just as I was finishing it, the car shop called. At this point it was nearly four. There was really no point in heading to the office, and I'll probably have to eat a pile of shit for it tomorrow, but fuck it: so I went and got the fam van, paid the 400 000 for two new tires, oil change, other minor repairs including clutch spring and brake pads, then hustled back home to finish up the stew and start into some rice wine.

At nearly seven the rest of the fam showed up. June was having a moment, understandable as the full moon is near. She immediately went and hid in the bedroom as I fed the girls. It was an awesome stew.

After dinner, we cleaned up together, did some homework, then read a couple of books. After, I drank some more rice wine and started watching a sci fi series I never got around to watching: Earth Final Conflict. So far I've actually found it quite entertaining, with the female lead being somewhat nice to look at with her ample bosom.

Tired now. I should sleep soon, but first there still is one more bottle of rice wine.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We Build the Great!

Today I met with my new replacement as head of the conceptual design department.

I've been doing the job for four years. I recently asked for a reassignment as I didn't like the way the wind was blowing. My argument was that a farmer does not always sow the same field year after year; they need to let the soil lay fallow for a time, to ensure a solid crop after a couple of years. They ate that right up and reassigned me to quality control; however, they did decide to extend my metaphor by covering me in shit, as although I will be moved to a less demanding position with less responsibility and a much lighter workload, I will have a new immediate supervisor. Mr. Kim is a guy who just happens to gleefully dream of my destruction.

Luckily, he has very little power to interfere with my day to day, as the position is quite autonomous, although I'm sure he'll be working hard at trying to trip me up. I've already been informed that I am free to generally ignore him. Regardless of what happens, less responsibility will be a nice for a go. I've been told I can have at least a year in my new position.

What it came down to was not wanting to work at cross purposes: a member of the board had informally asked me several months past to either generally sabotage any new programs for a time, or to get any new partners to only be those seeking licensing agreements on our products, as there are issues with funding, and well, We Build the Great. The CEO meanwhile expects results with new products made through partners overseas, but which often require investment on our part.

Being asked to seek licensing on our stuff was a bit much; I already did far more than my original job description.  Having some of my Korean coworkers, who do little work, rub in my face how much more their salary is compared to mine, then being asked to do more work, and a type of work which would cause lower performance reviews, which would result in lower pay increases. . . . bah, fuck it.  Combined with a general atmosphere where more than a few of my Korean coworkers resent having a waeg deal with this aspect of the business, which they feel should be handled by a Korean, led me to 'request' a transfer.

I will lose a negligible amount of salary, miniscule really, which was actually decent, but I will have to update all my business cards. So be it. The overall pay will hopefully balance itself out over the long term, as my performance reviews will hopefully be stellar despite Mr. Kim's predictably shitty review.  The really cool thing is that one of my more vocal detractors, who consistently claimed I did no real work, will now take the position. It'll be hard for them to mess it up, as they will have very little new work to do in the foreseeable future, and I'm leaving the department a pretty tight ship with a very competent well functioning team. They would have to be a complete moron to mess it up, and while part of me hopes they do, I am being 100% with the transition as my work ethic demands it.

Guess I'll have more time to blog; it is about time to redesign the banner and layout. Come the end of January, I'll make that a priority.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hobbit 2: Politically Incorrect!

Today's been a full on family day.

We started by running out to a nice snow covered hill and sledding, followed up by a nice warm noodle soup lunch.  We capped off the day by going to the theater and seeing the new Hobbit movie.

Good flick, and I want to recommend it heartily, however, I was APPALLED at the disgusting displays of political incorrectness!  Hear this: first, there were no Asians in the movie.  I call foul!  I expect full on protests in the next few days, as it is clear Peter Jackson is a racist!  Or a miscegenist,  since he put so much emphasis on the budding romance between dwarf and elf.  What was he thinking??  He knows that will only lead to bad feelings all around.  I know I must have destroyed my girls' childhood by letting them watch such filth!

Still, hobbits.  Well, one anyway.  And a very cool dragon.  Aight, yeah, those were cool, along with orcs getting their heads lopped off.  Good times.

Time for some soju and 식초.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saturday Night Reflection!

So Waeg,where you at now?

It's always good to get a laugh at the old fucks who cut the queue, making the halmoni at your local convenience store decide between you and the drunk adjushi who's been showing up a good five years more than you.

She knows he needs the attention more than you; he has been eating the shit of an unhappy marriage far longer than you, and he can't afford the room salon attention (just like you!) given to the SNU grads.  But it still causes more friction at your local convenience store, since I am a dirty waeg who is constantly reminded that he is the supplanter, taking jobs from the Minjok, and at that moment decided not to suck it up like so many times before and walked out after she served him first, as she decided him more deserving, being the older Korean man. He was only buying one beer and I was buying a six pack of water, so volume!  He jumped the queue and I said nothing, so she tried to ride it as she has done in the past, save when she turned to me to apologize, I walked away.

I have a hard time dealing with older Korean males who think they should come first simply based on gender and time in. I figure time in means wisdom, and I don't often see the latter from the majority of older Korean men. But I remember back home how old assholes often were given leniency.  I can only hope I won't age in the same manner.

I remind myself that Respect is partially based on age, partially based on merit. I used to joke about being the old fucker who would keep the baseball that got hit into his yard; a great thing about living in Korea is learning that rarely do old fuckers, especially older Korean men, earn the respect they feel deserved and demand.  Even if you've got no pull, the stooges will comply; the local convenience store owner with her ear to the ground knows you well and has got your back, so there is no need to keep the baseball as they'd prolly come lick your gooch to get it back anyway.

Phhht. . . grow a pair and represent I might have said when younger and more foolish.  Just because your old doesn't mean you simply get respect, you still need to show you're worthy of it.  I would hope to get called out when I started to slip, and that I wouldn't have dulled my mind too much with the soju to respond.  I know how broken a person can get, and can only hope to not lose so much perspective along the way.  StiIl, I think I'm going to love being able to say you must understand my special situation in later years, and that will make everything all OK, as the listener will be expected to overlook my own idiocy. . .  sadly in Korea, that statement has been abused far too often, especially when dealing with waegs.  "Please Understand my Special situation" does summarize everything good and bad about Korea since the 80's, as the leaders are stuck in a past they fought too hard to relearn, and everyone else is still hoping their kids will be able to negotiate the aftermath.   Three generations, expected to be so close, but really from very different planets.  For the latter, knowing that you can't keep the borders closed, nor is it desirable, because well, biology; but it does make sense to wish for pure blood if you're a big fan of the incest.

Friday, December 6, 2013

So many kinds of wrong

The front page has been loading quick lately due to the lack of vids. Time to fix that.

So many kinds of wrong

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday Morning Tunes!

This morning I've been a highly productive drone, burning through a pile of TPS reports that I'd been dutifully ignoring for a good week; I thank coffee and the following:

(second and third sNSFW)