Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Any long term salty waeg is well aware of the persistent vilification of all things foreign by the mainstream Korean press. The long term waeg has no illusions as to the so-called positives they'll find in what passes as news: puff pieces that celebrate and exalt all things Korean, such as the numerous articles of waegs making kimchi or wearing hanbok while dancing Gangnam style in front of Lee Sun Shin's statue. Sadly, it is a safe bet that most waegs on this most finest of peninsulas are humanities graduates who will argue that these few puff pieces do not allow waegs any real agency in their lives. In my experience, it is best to defer to the words of Jean Rasczak, who taught how social scientists nearly brought us to the brink of chaos.

However, for those that persist, understand: Koreans are generally encouraged to think waegs are bad people, because they are taught to live their lives harboring a grudge against those perceived as more powerful. As such, the news is usually about either unqualified, immoral, English teachers, misbehaving American GIs, or some egregious slight that not only insults and diminishes the messianic quality of the great Corean Nation, but the entire Corean history and ancestry as well. This becomes even more intense if the slight involves that most holy of holies, the kvagina.

Deal with it as my Aussie brothers would say. Harden the fuck up.

However, this most sympathetic and most epic shill of all things Korean must set the record straight!

A first on the F5Waeg! So listen:

Sexual politics. The waeg being seen as the defiler, come to abuse and rape all Korean women, and by extension, the nation. The waeg portrayed as seeing all Korean women as playthings, easy to collect, just as easy to disentangle themselves from.

Such a 1980s mindset, that even then was based more on fear and insecurity than reality.

So Korea: why don't you also harden the fuck up, and share 'your' women? I'm not talking about the 'used up' ones you send overseas to exploit (because after all, only Korean men are allowed to exploit anything on this most perfect of peninsulas); I'm talking about Korean men being men as opposed to little mama's boys thinking they can own the unownable. This mentality might have worked fine and well thousands of years ago, when defending the women was necessary to ensure the continuation of the community, but that tribal mentality doesn't have a place in the modern world, with the reality of what community has come to mean.

Thanks for supporting the sterotype by the way, that Asian men can't compete, by trying to hide away 'your' women or treat them like garbage if they dare associate with the dreaded waeg; I know it must be hard, but that's what she said.

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