Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, August 4, 2013


The three night camping extravaganza was a blast: swimming, barbeque insanity, even a taste of rain, with Thursday night being a pretty drunk albeit largely quiet one.  Most of the time I don't dig camping in such close quarters, since I know I'm constantly being watched.  I'd much rather have my closest neighbor a good 2-300 meters away, thank you very much, just so I can truly get into the camping vibe and not always overhear  conversations or work at not getting annoyed by crying babies parked less than ten meters from me on either side.  Call me crazy, but I'd like to swim, talk to my kids, go for walks and drink some beer without so much distraction.  Sadly, as a waeg, when in such close quarters one is expected to act above reproach, as you represent your entire species, so I get a bit uptight.  I try to find a nice balance, only occasionally having a nice big fire with loud laughter and music, but I digress.

The highlight of the day was when another old Wonju hand and I saved a woman's life.

We'd decided to get away from the kids and man talk, and were on our way to explore a quieter side road that led higher into the mountain.  We walked along and talked: he about how much he'd like to fuck my wife, I about the two falling outs we'd had over the 12 years we'd known each other.  In the distance, some guy decked out in full Korean hiking gear (walking stick and expensive polymer clothing essential), gesticulating wildly.  He was talking on his phone darting this way and that, to the stream, bringing water, looking towards us, up the trail.  What is that guy doing?  Is he out of it?  As we got closer, we saw the woman on the ground.

She'd been stung by a bee.  Her neck was slightly swollen, her body cold, flushed face, shallow breathing.  No hives or bubbles though, which was a good sign.  Dude was on the phone with the ambulance, trying to tell them where he was.  He intended on staying where he was until they showed.  Wat?

We went into action.  I didn't feel comfortable ripping her pants down to see if there was still a stinger, waegs generally being seen as sex crazed perverts.  Instead, my buddy ran ahead to warn the people we were coming, and I made to carry her on my back.  Dude, like a man, jumped in and said no, I'll do it.  Good on you.  I grabbed their stuff and trucked along behind, as it looked like he may drop her at any time.  He was an older guy, pretty small and frail; luckily, his wife was also a wisp of a thing.  Still, he'd made it about half way when it was obvious he wasn't going any further.  I tried to take her on my back, but for some reason dude couldn't wrap his head around how he should help her get into a piggy back position, and instead only passed her to me front side.  I'm like aight not a big problem, and pushed her up as if I was carrying a kid and trucked along.  Buddy met me and immediately positioned himself correctly to receive, onto his back, onto the cleared deck.  Dude runs to get his car, and takes about 5 minutes to figure out how to get it in properly.   We load her in the car and they're off.  Apparently they met the ambulance about half way down the valley and they whisked her off to a hospital.  No idea how things ended, but by the time we had gotten her to the little store with the deck, it did seem that she had improved over when we first saw her.

The fams didn't seem that impressed about our heroic life saving deed, but maybe it was just in the telling.  Some things just can't be told in a way that does them justice.

Later that day, the wives and kids went home, and the guys took their time tearing down the site.  The fams were to come back later in the evening for more barbeque, so we got to it and grilled up most of the food we had left.  In the process, we decided to be friendly with our neighbors by parting out corn, sausages, and roast pig; buddy did an oops by dropping a bunch of meat than giving away too much of the good stuff, causing the ladies understandable irritation when they arrived.  To be fair, we didn't know if the fams had eaten as they wouldn't answer the phone; but still, best to hold off on the philanthropy until we know.  I sensed it was gonna happen, and luckily had brought sweet potatoes, which did lighten things somewhat once they were baked in foil.

Home now.  Thinking of what to do.  Would like to avoid any major spots with tons of people, but June keeps pushing for uber crowded places.  It's a constant row, her logic being all the best places are where all the people are, I how that fact doesn't make those places awesome at all.   Probably best just to stay home and take the girls out for a nice long walk.

But first, time for coffee.


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t did seem that she had improved over when we first saw her.

Maybe the adrenalin from being handled by two big smelly waegs helped work the poison out of her har har

F5Waeg said...

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