Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Friday night, Itaewon. After a long couple days of meetings, waeg is free and hitting the town with some of his favorite peeps. Food is on the mind, so he and a bud cruise up to some trendy Mexican hole in the wall to get some solid grub.

As they survey the menu, his bud muses out loud that there are no burritos on the menu.

Before waeg can respond, what appears to be a FOB SoCal gyopo decides to enlighten these obviously misguided waegs: no, he nearly sneers, this is an authentic Mexican restaurant: they don't serve burritos here.

Both waeg and his bud stare in disbelief. The bud is a NoCal native, having grown up around a lot of Latinos. When he states this fact to the interloper, he is met with nothing but a disdainful yet pitying gaze.

The two leave. The place is closing, and they have no time or garnishes for more orders. The pair walk down to chili chili taco and enjoy a decent meal.

Just remember: burritos are not Mexican. Mind, I'd have to agree with the bud who said this is akin to saying szechuan hot pot isn't Chinese food, simply a local speciality. While it is technically both, this knowledge won't help the poor burrito searching masses.


King Baeksu said...

There seems to be some controversy on this subject and some say that because the burrito it is "only" from Chihuahua or Northern Mexico, it is therefore not "authentic" or "real" Mexican cuisine. But this is a specious argument, because all cuisines originate from a specific region and then only later begin to spread. Is Sichuan hot pot not really a part of Chinese cuisine, for example, since it is from a local region? Of course not.

In any case, that place is overpriced, closes early and is the size of a doshirak box.

What I will say is this, having been practically raised on Mexican food and enjoyed it late at night on countless occasions: A so-called "authentic Mexican restaurant" that closes at the ridiculously early hour of 9pm is in no way an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Oh, and you forgot to mention that that "FOB SoCal gyopo" was also a hipster. In other words, a perfect trifecta of douchiness!

F5Waeg said...

wouldn't that be a quadfecta if we include the FOB?

King Baeksu said...

Your call. I don't mind FOBs, as long as they don't cop a supercilious attitude with old-school expats.

In the case of hipsters, kyopos and LA types, however, that sort of comes with the territory, I'd say.

Korean Stig said...

Pratos really needs an attitude adjustment.

Jake the Expat said...

Christ, I HATE HATE HATE food hipsters. "Like, hey man, it's like, REAL Mexican food, so no, they don't sell Burritos." FUCK these people, we should build a wall around HBC and not let them out.

Itaewon has become a magnet for these snobby, creepy, 'foodie' morons, and the people who open 'restaurants' specifically catering to this crowd. These people, get this, will actually sit there and TAKE PICTURES of their food before they eat it, like they are high school girls splurging at TGI Fridays or something.

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