Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


No, this is not a post about that badass group of Germans who decided to go walkabout while raping and pillaging whatever lands they passed through; this is about how the fam van was recently used as a fireplace for burning paper.

When I saw this Sunday, I immediately went to the guard to access the CCTV.  The old guy working there was obviously perturbed that I would dare interrupt his Sunday afternoon snooze, and insisted that I come back on Monday to get the film from the general office.

Come Monday, the general office had to admit that they hadn't recorded anything with the CCTV in quite some time (years), and I was shit out of luck.

Now, whether this was just some random drunken ijits doing random stoopid things, or whether the fam van was a specific target, is a matter of conjecture.  The perps also pulled up the window washer sprayers, but I was able to fix that fairly easily.

We moved out of one place years ago when our taxi driver neighbor decided to start leaving piles of feces outside our door and writing racial slurs on the walls outside the elevator, on top of vandalising the fam van.  I guess he was still mad that I had dared interrupt his wife beating one night.  No matter, we had been planning on moving to a better place for some time, and our next apartment was much nicer with generally much nicer neighbors.  If anything, we were the ones causing trouble, what with the girls running wild all the time.

Still, I've taken to parking only in high traffic areas since this incident.  We'll see if anything happens over the next while.  This round of vandalism didn't cause serious damage, save a small brown spot on the hood.  Let's hope it was just a bunch of drunken ijits and not something more sinister.

Time for coffee.


Baek In-je said...

Did you park in what someone considers to be his parking space? Or too close to someone? I had a disagreement with a guy at my apartment building a few years ago. I parked on the street in front of my building. I got a call from someone about my car. I went outside and the guy said that I was in his parking space. That he lives here. I said I live here, too. And my car is on a public street. I went back upstairs. The next morning, my car had a few new scrtaches on the door. I came back from drinking one night a few nights later. I found a big pointy rock. I gouged two very deep grooves into his hood. He never bothered me again. Why was he so stupid to have vandalized my car the same day we had an arguement over the parking space? Oh...right...he was a Korean. Plus, I had a '92 Hyundai and he, being Korean, had a car only a few years old. You lose, adjosshi.

F5Waeg said...

people are generally more civilized in the Wonj when it comes to parking. . .or maybe it's because there are fewer villas and houses, more apartments. . . the only times folks have gotten upset about my parking were when I parked in front of someone's business and then went to another. It is weird that a public throughway can be suddenly considered private property, although I'd be willing to bet they pay nothing extra to maintain the road; part of the blame can be placed with real estate agencies who advertise places as being a certain size, which includes one of these phantom parking spots.

The spot that I was in at the time regularly changes out, and no one has laid especial claim to it.

Jake said...

Golly gee Waegster, do you suppose it's time to install a black box on the old fam-van?

We once came outside to find the turn signal on the wife's car broken. We consulted with CCTV footage and the culprit was located in our building. We knocked and politely asked if she (the woman in the CCTV footage) might pay for a new light, seeing as how she smacked the car, go out to look at it, and then drove off. She was extremely angry at us for even daring to ask that she pay. We then showed her a printout from the .avi file we got from the security ajeossi. She called back crying the next day, offering to pay and apologizing.

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