Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This morning over at the Marmot's I read how the sport of Greco-Roman Wrestling is to be dropped from the Olympics.

What most waegs don't get is that this most heinous act is obviously being done to diminish the pride of the Great Han People, by removing a sport which would undoubtedly increase the medal take of the Greater Corea!

Despite the many attempts by those lesser nations to reduce the ranking of this most athletically superior nation, and despite the event being held in that depraved backwater of failed colonial imperialistic hegemony, Corea still ranked  5th in the last Olympics.  5th!!!! The voice of Corea shall be heard!!!!!!!   Even the ill conceived attempt to steal a medal from a most deserving athlete who displayed temerity by bravely asserting the Greater Corea in the face of Japanese imperialistic dogs led to naught, as the Olympic committee could no longer stand in the light of the obvious truth of Corean ascendency!

Dae Han Min Gook!  Go Corea!   Go Gangnam Style!

Obviously another unsuccessful maneuver to diminish Corean pride: the birds were deviously planted by agents of jealous western governments, who in fear of the coming Corean Century, attempt to cast the Great Han Nation in a negative light:

No longer shall Corea's voice and the truth of Corean Power be ignored, as plans are being drawn to complete a perpetual Sportopia Prestigeplex as part of the new Sejong City, completion date June of this year.  Games shall be held every 6 months, eventually replacing the antiquated, biased, and discriminatory Olympic Lie Fest.  To ensure accuracy, all judges will be Corean.  180 gold medal have already been won by the most  premium Corean athleles, placing Corea in a rightfully earned first place, with all other nations far behind with scores ranging from negative 4 (China) to negative 6000 (Japan, USA).

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Calm down, Waeg. You'll awaken the Jimmies!

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