Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Moon!

No, this is not a post about that insipid series nearly solely responsible for ruining an entire generation.

This is about Daeboreum, the first full moon of the lunar new year!

It is especially awesome for this waeg's family, as we also celebrated the youngest's bday.  There was an awesome fish pinata, delicious baked goods, kimbap, beer and 30 year old Ballantine's for the adults.  The bottle was a gift, so I felt it a good idea to share it around with some of the parents who showed.  Me and another mom did a pretty decent job of doing it in.  Not a bad way to fall off the wagon me thinks.

I felt pretty good about how the pinata turned out; this year I made a wire frame in the shape of a fish for the girls to paper mache.  Not sure why I went for the fish; it just felt right.  I made it too well, as the youngest had to smack it quite a few times to break it open.

The kids were wild; we did calm them down with some movies for a bit, but after the ice cream cake and pinata madness they were in full on spaz mode.  At one point they were all dancing around the living room singing ganggangsullae as their way of celebrating not only the birthday but the new year.  I caught it all on film; I figured I might be able to blackmail the younger brother of one of the girls who got dragged into the circle later in life if he gets rich.

We ate nuts that we cracked open with our teeth, and marched all the kids up to the roof to catch the full moon as it came out.  This was a compromise, as the kids wanted us to troop out to Mejiri, a village near Yonsei Wonju campus that annually holds folk festivals.  I was in no way able to drive, so said we should make our own festival which prompted the singing and dance.  It was the eldest that led the younger kids in the circle.

Feeling spaced now.  Everyone has gone home and I'm feeling pretty toasty.  It could be the radioactive Japanese beer I've gotten into, but then maybe it's just the effects of 5 hours of afternoon drinking. 

Some might say I'm totally going native. 

Time to watch Spartacus.

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