Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Moon!

No, this is not a post about that insipid series nearly solely responsible for ruining an entire generation.

This is about Daeboreum, the first full moon of the lunar new year!

It is especially awesome for this waeg's family, as we also celebrated the youngest's bday.  There was an awesome fish pinata, delicious baked goods, kimbap, beer and 30 year old Ballantine's for the adults.  The bottle was a gift, so I felt it a good idea to share it around with some of the parents who showed.  Me and another mom did a pretty decent job of doing it in.  Not a bad way to fall off the wagon me thinks.

I felt pretty good about how the pinata turned out; this year I made a wire frame in the shape of a fish for the girls to paper mache.  Not sure why I went for the fish; it just felt right.  I made it too well, as the youngest had to smack it quite a few times to break it open.

The kids were wild; we did calm them down with some movies for a bit, but after the ice cream cake and pinata madness they were in full on spaz mode.  At one point they were all dancing around the living room singing ganggangsullae as their way of celebrating not only the birthday but the new year.  I caught it all on film; I figured I might be able to blackmail the younger brother of one of the girls who got dragged into the circle later in life if he gets rich.

We ate nuts that we cracked open with our teeth, and marched all the kids up to the roof to catch the full moon as it came out.  This was a compromise, as the kids wanted us to troop out to Mejiri, a village near Yonsei Wonju campus that annually holds folk festivals.  I was in no way able to drive, so said we should make our own festival which prompted the singing and dance.  It was the eldest that led the younger kids in the circle.

Feeling spaced now.  Everyone has gone home and I'm feeling pretty toasty.  It could be the radioactive Japanese beer I've gotten into, but then maybe it's just the effects of 5 hours of afternoon drinking. 

Some might say I'm totally going native. 

Time to watch Spartacus.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


This morning over at the Marmot's I read how the sport of Greco-Roman Wrestling is to be dropped from the Olympics.

What most waegs don't get is that this most heinous act is obviously being done to diminish the pride of the Great Han People, by removing a sport which would undoubtedly increase the medal take of the Greater Corea!

Despite the many attempts by those lesser nations to reduce the ranking of this most athletically superior nation, and despite the event being held in that depraved backwater of failed colonial imperialistic hegemony, Corea still ranked  5th in the last Olympics.  5th!!!! The voice of Corea shall be heard!!!!!!!   Even the ill conceived attempt to steal a medal from a most deserving athlete who displayed temerity by bravely asserting the Greater Corea in the face of Japanese imperialistic dogs led to naught, as the Olympic committee could no longer stand in the light of the obvious truth of Corean ascendency!

Dae Han Min Gook!  Go Corea!   Go Gangnam Style!

Obviously another unsuccessful maneuver to diminish Corean pride: the birds were deviously planted by agents of jealous western governments, who in fear of the coming Corean Century, attempt to cast the Great Han Nation in a negative light:

No longer shall Corea's voice and the truth of Corean Power be ignored, as plans are being drawn to complete a perpetual Sportopia Prestigeplex as part of the new Sejong City, completion date June of this year.  Games shall be held every 6 months, eventually replacing the antiquated, biased, and discriminatory Olympic Lie Fest.  To ensure accuracy, all judges will be Corean.  180 gold medal have already been won by the most  premium Corean athleles, placing Corea in a rightfully earned first place, with all other nations far behind with scores ranging from negative 4 (China) to negative 6000 (Japan, USA).

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lunar New Year!

Once again we hauled ourselves up past Uijeongbu to visit the in-laws for the lunar new year.

I didn't do so well at go-stop this year, losing 6 chonners. June's sister was on fire and ended up taking over 40.

The visit involved the usual eating of rice cake soup, a variety of side dishes, an endless stream of TV, and of course the gostop.

One cool bit was when we decided to try out a Brazilian BBQ place in Dongducheon. While it was an insane meat fest, it was easily one of the best meals I'd had all year. Two thumbs. You can find it right down the street from the main entrance to Camp Casey.

I didn't drink. I've been on the wagon for the last couple of weeks. In the past, June has asked why I drink so much, to which I reply that I'm just trying to place myself on the same level as everyone else around me. Korea is one of the places in the world that consumes the most alcohol per capita after all. Besides, if I'm hammered then I have the perfect excuse for doing all kinds of stoopid shit.

She was not amused.

Still, the whole fam was stunned by my sobriety. One of my sisters in law was greatly unimpressed, as we usually get hammered together.

I came back early: I wasn't too keen on sitting around watching TV for another day, so hopped a bus back to the Wonj. When I got home, I spent the time reading and catching up on cat pictures from the internet.

Time for some more citrus tea.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Big Smoke!

Yesterday I scooted up to the big smoke for a meeting.  It ended late and was followed by the imbibing of many alcoholic beverages in a hostess club.

I was supposed to attend another  set of meetings today, but they were cancelled.  I now find myself with the perfect storm: a perfect excuse for staying the night, a place to stay, cash in pocket.

I should be able to get up to no good. Drop a line if you'd like to meet up.  I'm in the 'twon, enjoying delicious kebabs.