Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Letter from a Reader!

Sifting through the hate and troll mail, I found this:

Hello wang!

I'd sure like to know what you got your kids for xmas.  Where did you find it?

Sign me 
Wonju Newbie

Hello Wonju Newbie, thanks for the email.  I like email, please send more.  As I'm an attention whore, it would be great if you all sorted out how to find it in the profile and send me along a few missives, thanks.

Well Wonju Newbie, what did the kids get from Santa?  Let's see:

-Monopoly (no more of that junior s***t.)
-study / reading books (math, English)
-piles of stationary and 'brain games' individually wrapped in stocking, along with anything else that could be stuffed in there
-a Sylvanian house along with a Sylvanian rabbit family (Sylvanian Family is cool now, although I was buying that shit like three years ago man!  So 2008!  kids today!)
-several bottles of cheap liquor

no darlin' the mom isn't always the one manning the stove
Wait: that last was mine.  I really tried to avoid unnecessary things this year.  Next year I'll be wrapping up socks: look darling, Santa brought you socks!  Isn't that awesome??

I found it mostly at: the best stationary store in Wonju, English Plus, Homeplus, a decent toy store.  If you really want directions, let me know and I'll share.   The toy store has a pile of Sylvanian, and I imagine that will be gifts for the next year or so.

The games have been a big hit, although the girls aren't as crazy at finishing a game of Monopoly as I was at their age.  I'd see it through to the bitter end, but I never saw it in any other terms then: I'm not out yet?  let's keep playing!

Time for some somaek before I hit the town.

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