Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ice Fishing!

Today I focused a bunch to drag asses out and go ice fishing.

It had been a while since I remembered that ice fishing in Korea involves using maggots to catch what I'd use for bait back home.

Today was fairly clement.  That helped overlook the peeps who pretty much ate whatever they yanked out of the ice slathered in red pepper paste.

Didn't hurt that numerous hot honies dotted the ice. Luckily, ski wear can indeed be sexy!

Remember kids: when you go skiing, you should keep the lift tag attached to your jacket for at least two weeks.  It not only tells the world that you're active and cool, but lets everyone know just how trendy you are by displaying which 400 meter mountain you skeetered down.

Funny.  I remember high school back home being all about the same.

Our group only caught two minnows. I wasn't that keen on fishing, more interested in getting the girls out and enjoying the fresh air. June was at a seminar in Seoul. I was planning on going camping next weekend with the guys, but June informed me tonight that she has another seminar to attend next weekend. I may end up having to pass.

We all gathered at our place afterwards and enjoyed a seafood buffet.  We had scallops wrapped in bacon, raw salmon and oysters, prawns boiled in beer and water, gallons of various types of liquor, topped with half dried squid and an actual salad and steamed broccoli. We fried up fish sticks and fries for the gang of kids.

Tired now. Thinking about how I could go camping and ice fishing next weekend, but I've got a feeling June will sort something out for the kids. We'll see. I'd rather not take them along. Best to sort out a few reliable winter camping spots first, no?  That and it would be nice to not listen to complaints about cold feet and requests for putting ski pants over boots for the 50th time.

Everyone has gone home or gone to bed. Time to finish off the bit from the last jug of Max and sleep.

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