Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Yellow Knight!

I checked in on my stoopid blog this morning to work out my end of year posts to find that a commentator had taken offense to my positive remarks about the film Cloud Atlas.  This is what they had to say:

This film is a racist film target at Asian male. So if you are not Asian male, you should enjoy this film. We Asian-American male don't like this film. We have pre-screen in MANAA (media action network for Asian-American), we all got busting out of laughter when we saw the awful geeky Yellowfaces . You have no problem of Yellowface cuz you probably are not Asian male or stupid one. In Korean saying " 병신 쌔끼!"

Some may ask why I would bother, as an MANAA meeting sounds rather clannish, and trying to talk sense to a mob is a sure way to get trampled, but this does need to be spelled out: one of the reasons this film is so excellent is because it will challenge the perceptions of race and ethnicity held more by Asians then it will us melanin deficient lot.  Think about it: the whole Neo Seoul is prophetic of the future homo sapiens, since almost everyone is of mixed progeny.  To deny that this is an accurate vision of the future ignores the reality we live in and histories of migration.  So despite the criticism Jim Sturgess has received in the past for portraying Asian characters, the film makers probably deliberately chose him since near everyone in the Neo Seoul segment is made to look mixed as well.  Durrrr.....

That Sonmi is a clone whose kind is rendered to feed the next generation is brilliant.  I'd see that as a sort of veiled criticism of contemporary Asian (Korean) culture.  OMG get angry! Yellowface and discrimination at the hands of the white man!  Just continue remaining willfully blind to the indiscretions committed by other Asians, and you've got all it takes to be The Yellow Knight!  Enjoy that passion and anger while you can, son.  I know that it's because you come from an East Asian society, which generally still contain strong elements of ethnic nationalism, and these types of images have more potent significance for you then for me.  Me and my ilk are generally more accepting and open to the idea of cultural exogamy, but I would suggest you stop looking at white woman (man?) porn, you traitor!

For that section of the film alone I'll pay to see it.  January 4th I'm heading up to the big smoke to check it out at the IMAX in Yongsan.

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you know what I don't need your stupid ass. You should just shut up. Happy new smear,

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