Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Yesterday began with fashioning the worst mobile Christmas tree evar.  After killing a second tree in five years, I thought letting one be free range while I work out soil acidity then dig 'em up and keep 'em indoors was a smart course of action.  Instead, I thought of making this cuz I saw it in the internetz:

After pretty much ignoring most of the directions and watching it get tangled right the fuck up:

parenting fail: level 만냥금
Instead of agonizing over not get accepted into art college, I hung it up then hit the shops.  Presents are fun on Christmas after all!  This year I was Mr. Practical, focused on what was needed while minimizing the frivolous.  After June laughed at my 350 thousand offer for our ten year anniversary, I decided that buying the Corning Wear 20 piece set she asked for 5 years ago was a totally cool idea.  The tag reads: To the ***********s.  Merry hoho! Wouldn't serve to say: To June.  Who gives dishes to their wife?  Not this hombre.

Bought a few groceries in between, primarily dirty cheap liquor with mixes, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Still needs Kahlua, whiskey, red vermouth
I came home and baked cookies in our new steam oven.  This deserves it's own post, but in case you wanted to know, we bought a steam oven.  No, not a regular oven: that is too difficult to move.  It needed to be a steam oven.  I was unimpressed with my first attempt making cookies, but maybe I still suck.

Then it was Christmas specials with the girls while waiting for a bunch of Christian Christmas carolers to come by and collect our donation to the soup kitchen.  Kidding!  There is no soup kitchen.  But I'm sure they are more than willing to pass around ramen packs to relatives who spend their time collecting cardboard boxes and others in predicament known to the church.  It's all cool.

We watched The Grinch: it's always a favorite.  Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, then Home Alone have been the repertoire in the past.  This year I decided to mix it up and watch an old one from childhood: An American Christmas Carol, starring Henry Winkler:

I watched it while drinking beer and wrapping presents and Christmas stockings.  I figure I got about 3 more lols outta it then the "So this is what I remember most from 1979"s.  Wasn't sure if I wanted to show that tomorrow or Napoleon Dynamite again.  The bling on Christmas Future is so 1984.  As I was about to decide, I was distracted by figuring out a better way to wrap, then forgetting it once I realized that smacking on huge wads of duct tape was not only easier and fun, but would make the experience far more rewarding once everyone realized they needed scissors to open their gifts.  What you work for is always sweeter, right?  Hopefully they'll get to the scissors I stuck under the tree first, they are the easiest ones to open.

In about 4 hours I have to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed, cooking fowl.  

Stop drinking beer!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mr. Waeg

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Waeg!

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays, Mr Waeg,

would it be possible to ask your advice on a personal matter to do with living here in Korea?

I'm hoping to draw a little on your 'years of experience' account and I've read all yer posts! Seems to me you're a nice guy who also happens to know a lot about Korea~

I feel a bit silly putting such a request forward, but after a year and a half in Korea I have found myself resonating strongly with the EXPAT's recent comments that the only waegs he ever mixes with are those that come with at least two, solid, and reliable references!

Cynical? perhaps; spot on? DEFINITELY..

I have had 2 scary encounters with psychic vampires which were unsettling to say the least but survived - a little phased but hardened, nonetheless!

I'm just a bit embarassed that the wife thinks I CAN'T MAKE ANY FRIENDS!!! I only know a few decent guys who are as inexperienced at this game as I AM

I read before that you have an email address but can't find it anywhere.

p.s. I am married to a Korean~ (we met overseas!)

At your leisure please, sir~~

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