Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Lately the waegosphere has been ablaze over an article which appeared in Business Week on how Korean men feel the need to use various cosmetics.

What these waegs don't get is that this is simply another attempt by the biased western media to emasculate and disenfranchise Asian men, represented in the most fashionable of the yellow peril, Korean males!

By stating that Korean men use more cosmetics, the implication is that they are simply lacking in manliness.


Fret not, Korean breathren!  All of us self hating koolaid drinking waegs are well aware of the nefarious means those less talented and less adaptable of us will use to undermine your self confidence and increase your self loathing!  Korea Hwaiting!

I for one agree and have seen the light: nothing eases the rough dryness of my hands like a few pumps of lubriderm!  I keep a bottle handy for whenever nature renders it necessary.   Precise application eases even the most irksome stiffness and increases fluidity.

Time for some more rice wine.


Anonymous said...

It might be true more than few K-dude use cosmetics,but yeah you are right. The western media latches on to something a bit odd in Asia and makes it seem more widespread than it is. If I were a dude here, I'd be mad. It's not a whole lot different than the Korean media saying waegs often have HIV. Moral of the story - ALL journalism is douchebaggery of some sort.

matt said...

I'll have to look it up, but you just reminded me that somewhere I have a photocopy of a 1970s or 80s Korea Times article on English loan words in Korean which states that the origin of 'hwaiting' is actually "Fight team!" It sounds plausible...

And few things are more irksome than stiffness, or more praiseworthy than fluidity.

LaFoix666 said...

In fairness,
I actually saw a Korean guy last spring walking around one of the more affluent suburbs (and with VERY affluent walking gear on - kitted out in Berghaus head to foot!) with a mask on his face that had only 2 holes for the eyes!!

He had a youngish kid in tow, so I figure he was late twenties/early thirties, by that and the look of his gait~

It was a very bright and hot Spring day and the guy just looked WRONG! BUT my Korean gf seemed to think the freaking mask was normal and sure enough I have seen a few such masks since!!

There's just GOTTA be something deeply flawed about a society when suck-bags like that walk around protecting their 'faces' from the sun - and it's taken by their womenfolkk to be OKAY?????????

I dunno, mebbe that US magazine had a point.

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