Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Village Idiot
This morning I read over at the Marmot's how Tiger JK, the granddaddy of Korean hiphop, had a meltdown during a performance in the US.  Apparently, he berated the crowd when they supposedly asked him to perform Psy's Gangnam Style horsedance, saying he wasn't there to make all the whities in the crowd laugh.

I'm sure the irony was palpable for more than a few hogwon English teaching monkeys out there.  You must make class fun!  Kids like you when you sing and dance, give candy and pizza party!  But I digress.

I headed over to the link and read how many peeps, at least some of whom I assume are Asian American, hate Psy for propagating the buffoonish 'comic relief' Asian guy stereotype, similar to Ken Jeong in The Hangover movies.


What these critics don't get is that they are actually denigrating the ancient, time honored tradition of the Korean mask dance; they are undermining the power of the Imae-Tal, or the village idiot.  How dare they make such an attack against the pure and virtuous Korean culture!  Psy actually is a shaman, as he is channeling one of the great spirits found only on the greatest Korean peninsula!

If they are waegs or hyphenated Koreans (-American, -Canadian, -etc.) they may be partially forgiven, as they have been corrupted by the lazy western civilization that encourages their populations to eat BSE inducing hamburgers and perceive themselves as inherently victimized by the world.

Tiger JK however, can not be forgiven.  He must be stripped of his Korean citizenship immediately!

Time for coffee.


Anonymous said...

I think he should be forgiven, since he's been corrupted too: he did marry the bicultural Yoon Mirae :P

F5Waeg said...

jk641 also says he has been corrupted by his schooling in the US

Still, according to the wiki page, he aims to build bridges between communities.

Me thinks he needs more bricks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for ruining your post.
It was entertaining nonetheless.
Bufoonery is a big part of Korean entertainment.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post

Jellie said...

This is a pretty entertaining show. Watched one before and I was really engrossed with it.

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