Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Way back in October of 2010 I wrote about my love for the band Oysterhead.

Guess I must be getting old, as I keep coming back to the same music again and again.  Or it could just be that his band is that freakin' awesome.

I have noticed that it often seems to be in the fall when I start listening to them again.  I'm quite sure I wanted to post about them last year at around this time.  Maybe it's because I first heard the album in the fall of 2001.  Weird how that is.

Anyway, this song bounced around my head this morning until I played it like 6 times.


Friday, September 28, 2012

So many kinds of wrong

After such a long hiatus, you'd expect some good vids, no?

So many kinds of wrong

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Village Idiot
This morning I read over at the Marmot's how Tiger JK, the granddaddy of Korean hiphop, had a meltdown during a performance in the US.  Apparently, he berated the crowd when they supposedly asked him to perform Psy's Gangnam Style horsedance, saying he wasn't there to make all the whities in the crowd laugh.

I'm sure the irony was palpable for more than a few hogwon English teaching monkeys out there.  You must make class fun!  Kids like you when you sing and dance, give candy and pizza party!  But I digress.

I headed over to the link and read how many peeps, at least some of whom I assume are Asian American, hate Psy for propagating the buffoonish 'comic relief' Asian guy stereotype, similar to Ken Jeong in The Hangover movies.


What these critics don't get is that they are actually denigrating the ancient, time honored tradition of the Korean mask dance; they are undermining the power of the Imae-Tal, or the village idiot.  How dare they make such an attack against the pure and virtuous Korean culture!  Psy actually is a shaman, as he is channeling one of the great spirits found only on the greatest Korean peninsula!

If they are waegs or hyphenated Koreans (-American, -Canadian, -etc.) they may be partially forgiven, as they have been corrupted by the lazy western civilization that encourages their populations to eat BSE inducing hamburgers and perceive themselves as inherently victimized by the world.

Tiger JK however, can not be forgiven.  He must be stripped of his Korean citizenship immediately!

Time for coffee.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


June has had problems with her stomach for years.  She has always insisted on going to a traditional doctor, claiming that the foul smelling shit tonic they sell her for 400 bucks works best to ease her pain.  She also goes for acupuncture when things are particularly bad.

I will say I've had some good results with acupuncture myself, especially when I pull a muscle.  But I do think that for the most part, western medicine is more reliable.

Lo and behold, June's faith in traditional medicine has been shaken!  Last Thursday she called me up while I was getting ready to head out to a company dinner with the CEO and the VIPs from Singapore.  She was in such pain that she could barely walk.  She had just left the acupuncturist's, and needed me to pick up the girls.

This was a pretty serious predicament, but I could tell she was hurtin'.  I risked looking bad in front of the bosses by getting the girls and bringing them to dinner with them.  In the end, everything played out well, although I did have to pay for the girls' dinner.

When we got home, June showed us what they problem had been: the 'doctor' had left one of the needles embedded in her chest.  June found it after she got home and lay down, and once the needle was removed the pain pretty much abetted instantly.

That's pretty messed up.

The next day she went back to the clinic, and was way cooler about it then I would have been: she told the doctor she understands that mistakes do happen, but what she couldn't get was how nobody listened to her when she complained repeatedly about the severe pain she was enduring, and that they had told her to simply go home.  She demanded compensation, and felt pretty good walking out of the clinic with a hundred thousand won.

A hundred thousand won?  You could have been seriously injured!  You settled for a measly hundred thousand won??

She said she was also going to tell everybody about what happened.  I'm like great, get sued too for defaming the doctor's name.  Even if what you say is true, in Korea this can't form a  defense against libel.  All that matters is whether what you say damaged a person's reputation, regardless of how accurate what you say may be.

Anyway, I'm thinking that leaving the needle somewhere fitting might be in order, like under the doctor's front tire.  But I didn't say that, no, I did not.

Time for some random stoopidz from the interwebz.


Today the bunch of us headed out to the mountains for the great chestnut hunt of 2012.

We hiked up near Geumdae valley, which contains a large number of huge chestnut trees.  I climbed up hills, a few trees, all in the quest for more and more delicious chestnuts.

At one point I knocked a nice bunch out of a tree, but one of the them hit the youngest on the arm.  She developed a nasty rash; who knew you could have an allergic reaction to chestnuts?  She was alright however, just dealing with some minor discomfort.

We should have gone yesterday.  We did collect a nice pile, but most of them are a bit small.  It seemed nearly every old couple we passed was walking out of the valley carrying large bags of huge fat nuts. 

Still, half a grocery bag full isn't bad.  We saved at least ten thousand won, man!  And it was nice to get out and walk around.

Time for some more internetz.


Last night the fam went over to party with another family.  They self describe as freaks, which is A-OK in my book.  The husband works in purchasing for a construction company, while the wife graduated from law school at SNU, decided that being a lawyer sucks, then went to study photography in Greece for 4 years.  They moved to the Wonj to get away from the trappings of the big smoke and enjoy a simpler life.

I baked a couple of lasagnas.  They were delicious.  Then I proceeded to get quite hammered on red wine and white Russians. 

A good time was had by all.  Of course, feeling a bit slow today, but that is to be expected.

Time to look at the internetz.


When I started out writing this stoopid blog, I had this crazed impractical idea that I'd write three posts a day, everyday.  I truly wanted an accurate chronicle of my stoopid, inane, mundane life.

This of course proved to be near impossible to achieve.  For most of 2012, I've tried to write at least 25 posts a month, with varying degrees of success.

Yet, harken to my words!  Just shy of 2 years in, and this is my 1000th post!  Let the liquor flow from the breasts of vestal maidens!



Greetings readers, Waeg here.  After nearly three intense weeks of work, during which I hosted a group from Singapore as part of a work alliance, regular posting should resume. 

I'm sure you're all just tickled pink to hear that. . . I am terribly sorry that I couldn't keep up with regular missives about my boring mundane life, but I was double timing to keep the visit flowing smoothly.

Anyway, back to it.  Need to work on some new shirts this week.  I like this one.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Lately the waegosphere has been ablaze over an article which appeared in Business Week on how Korean men feel the need to use various cosmetics.

What these waegs don't get is that this is simply another attempt by the biased western media to emasculate and disenfranchise Asian men, represented in the most fashionable of the yellow peril, Korean males!

By stating that Korean men use more cosmetics, the implication is that they are simply lacking in manliness.


Fret not, Korean breathren!  All of us self hating koolaid drinking waegs are well aware of the nefarious means those less talented and less adaptable of us will use to undermine your self confidence and increase your self loathing!  Korea Hwaiting!

I for one agree and have seen the light: nothing eases the rough dryness of my hands like a few pumps of lubriderm!  I keep a bottle handy for whenever nature renders it necessary.   Precise application eases even the most irksome stiffness and increases fluidity.

Time for some more rice wine.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

. . .

No explanation for the absence beyond work.

Just this:

26:20 for the money shot.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Finger Condom!

Today I headed out to the bustling metropolis of Heongseong to see a doctor about changing the bandage on my finger.  Heongseong is about the same distance as the Wonj from work, and I decided to go country and avoid the traffic around the places I've visited over the last week.

The finger's looking pretty nasty, thanks for asking, but the itch lets me know that it is on its way to being healed.

After wrapping it up nicely, the doctor reached into his stack of bandages and then handed me what is best described as a finger condom. When I called it this, he immediately began laughing and went on for a good three minutes. OK, it is pretty good, but was it that funny?  I laughed along and said thanks.

As he was showing me how to put it on and off, he said: "Ah, your finger, it is very thick".  Yeah doc, that's what she said.  He didn't get it.  He seemed to take great interest in putting it on and taking it off, rolling it up just like a Trojan before putting it in a small plastic bag and handing it to me.  He said since it was so tight, I should make sure to immediately remove it after showering.  No worries, I know to take it off once I'm done.  He didn't get that one either. I decided it prudent to avoid any snarky comments about Korean condoms.

In any event, happy to finally be able to take a shower without wrapping my hand in a ziplock bag held in place with elastics.


Time for coffee.