Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Yesterday the fam came home all worried about the impending doom typhoon about to inundate this fine peninsula in meters upon meters of water.

June came home with a large box of groceries, and berated me for not taking care of it myself. Why aren't you getting ready for the typhoon?

I didn't hear anything about it. What typhoon? When?

It's coming, we need to get ready.

The eldest was particularly worked up, as she'd seen some kind of video at school which offered tips on how to survive if a typhoon hit. She'd picked up several newspapers, and was insisting we wet them and cover the windows, as it is much more effective than tape for preventing glass from flying about.

While that is an interesting little tidbit that I'm not sure I believe, I was annoyed that they'd had the fear put into them. My gut was telling me to chill, nothing serious will come of it. We're inland. If we were close to the ocean, I'd be all about putting wet newspapers on the windows. I explained that we've got two separate glass doors between us and outside, I'm sure we'll be fine. The position of our apartment and the surrounding apartments also makes it unlikely that we'll be facing any serious issues as far as wind is concerned, as we're facing a courtyard that makes a nice buffer. Relax. If it makes you feel better, I'll lay out some of the camping gear, here are some flashlights, and I'll go pick up some more bottled water.

Sure enough, my intuition was spot on. While it has been a bit windy, and right now it's suggesting that it may get windier still, nothing really serious has hit. Meanwhile, all the kids stayed home from school, and I had a meeting cancelled as the dude said he couldn't make it because of the typhoon. I'm like: what typhoon?

It's true that the south and the west were hit pretty hard; some of the photos I've seen on the web show how nasty it got down there.  Might have been even fun under the right circumstances.  Not so much in Gangwon. The heaviest storm I remember in Gangwon was back in 2001. I remember as at the time a very nice girl drove all the way down from Seoul to get me drunk and take advantage of me. Good times, good times.

Time for some rice wine.


F5 Lifer said...

My wife was fine once I showed her the direction of the typhoon and that down here in the SE (just like up in Gangwon).
I said to her, do you want me to go and get same tape and she laughed at me. She said, seems like nothing to worry about to me....and so it proved.

Sounds like your significant other gets would up too easily because of her personality, don't think it is has anything to do with her being Korean.

F5Waeg said...

There is that, but more importantly was how my eldest came home all worked up because of what her teacher at school told her. Mind, it could have been amplified by my SO.

Jacob Two 2 said...

It's the only that's on the news, and I compare it to Dokdo. It IS because of being Korean. The media got everyone worked up, because that is how they maintain an audience. Korea's media is unparalleled in this regard. F5 Lifer hasn't been here that long if he can't make that connection.

F5 Lifer said...

I have been here over 11 years. Not every Korean buys into the panic (though a lot do).

I 100% agree about the media intentionally making it appear a lot worse than it was. Watching KBS last night the footage was accompanied by dramatic music and a wildly shaking camera (it was obviously over-done). No doubt for people who lived in its path, it must have not been too much fun but in all reality it wasn't much more than a Cat 1 and if things were built properly and people didn't insist on still going to work and going outside nobody would have died.

Exploding Unicorn said...

There's nothing wrong with schools teaching kids to panic. It sure beats building up their self-esteem.

Juls said...

Strong typhoons are coming so often these days that's why we always have to be prepared no matter what or else we'll be in great trouble.

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