Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Camping 2.9 Flyin' Solo!

So I decided to be a bad drone, take some time to myself, and head out camping.

I'm in a new spot. We came here years ago just after the eldest had been born to enjoy our first anniversary, staying in one of the many fine cabins they offer. It is a pretty nice spot, and where I'm at there is absolutely nobody.  I'm here for the next three hopefully awesome days.

I brought my laptop and other assorted internet gear, ostensibly to get some work done.  Who knows, I may even work at something more than simply answering emails. Sadly, the Egg I subscribed to about a year ago doesn't work here, so I have to tether through my SGII if I want internet access. Works alright, but it will be interesting to see how the bill plays out later this month.

I've sent out some leads to bring others into this camping extravaganza. The fam is at home, so I can let my hair down. So far, there is only one nearly committed. I'll be just fine by myself, which made June and the girls open their eyes wide: how can you camp alone??

I told them how I used to go camping a lot back home, often solo. I'd bring everything I'd need in a pack and hike 10-15 miles out into the woods to get to some of my favorite spots. One of the best had a small waterfall that was a great shower, and the pool was awesome for a nice refreshing dip. The pack was always lighter on the way out, as the canned beer and whiskey bottles were empty.

I didn't tell about the time a pack of coyotes showed up, and how I built a platform a good 9 feet up in the trees to store garbage and to crawl up to in case it happened again. I was tired of the raccoons getting into the trash anyway; sometimes, those fuckers just don't give a fuck what you throw at em, they'll take what they want and go when they're ready.  I didn't tell the girls about the coyotes, maybe later when they're older; it was a fluke and they'll have plenty of time to learn fear. The coyotes had probably been drawn by the chicken I'd been cooking on a spit; luckily I was able to dissuade them by screaming like a banshee, throwing some well aimed rocks, and holding a stick like a gun. Coyotes know guns.

Just finished digging some drainage ditches as it will probably rain fairly hard off and on tonight.

Time for some somaek.


Anonymous said...

How was the rain last night?


F5Waeg said...

That was a lot of rain. Nice and dry in my tent though, so it was all good.

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