Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Night on the Town!

Yesterday I decided that staying in the hive on a Saturday night would not be conducive to my continued productivity over the next few days.  As we've had to extend our stay and the hard work is about to begin, I knew that I should get out, get hammered, and go walkabout for the good of the team.

After browsing the net, I reserved a room in Geylang, one of the seedier parts of Singapore.  Everything I've seen so far has been tidy, clean, antiseptic, beautified up nice;  I figured it would be good to get a fuller picture of the city by checking out what is billed as a scummier part of town.  What I found on the web said that Geylang has plenty of clubs, good cheap restaurants, and a supposedly former red light district that was cleaned up by the police some months back.

It wasn't very clean.  As I approached the hotel, I realized I must have chosen prostitute central, as across from my hotel was a large congregation of women, many of whom tried to latch on to me as I passed.  This was at 4 PM, the night hadn't even started, and droves of women were already out plying their trade.

I had to wait to check into the hotel as there were two couples ahead of me, both men who had picked up girls.  I watched as the girls gave their passports in turn to the clerk, who diligently recorded the information on a separate sheet from the check in list.  Not a bad idea: saves the possibility of trouble later on, but then this did let me know that not only was the street trade tolerated, but that hotels had systems in place to control who came and went when.  I did momentarily think of moving on to a less 'popular' hotel, but as I'd already booked the room I had to pay for it regardless. 

It didn't take me long to realize that most of the women on the street were either older Chinese, Thai, or Malay.  I wondered where all the younger women were.  Leaving my hotel, I stood across the corner ignoring the calls from the girls, and asked an older Indian man:

You want the younger girls, you have to go to the clubs.  The Chinese girls are west.  It's a mix to your east.  Fillipinas and Indian are in the pubs near Orchard.  These girls here are cheap; most of them have kids, are married back home, over 30.  Stay off the street if you want nicer girls.

I thanked him and went on my way.  I wasn't interested in picking up women on the street, I wanted to get out and hit some clubs.  What followed was several hours of drinking in sidewalk cafes, walking down the many side streets stocked with vice.  At one point I let myself get dragged into an Indian outdoor cafe that had Hindi karaoke and a bunch of 40 somethings dancing up a storm.   I struck up an interesting conversation with a guy who was a quarter Portuguese, a quarter Lebanese, half Indian.  His wife was Chinese, and their kids were very cute.  This is a piece of Singapore he said; you should come, bring your wife and kids.  There is always room for different kinds of people here.

The whole time I sat and chatted, various hideously unattractive women came up and sat next to me, offering to let me kiss them for $10, $5, a drink of beer.  Sorry dears, I'm married, but here have a drink anyway, we're having fun tonight.  I didn't add that if I were to cheat, it wouldn't be with some ugly broken whore.

The night ended with me chugging double vodka redbulls in some nightclub and dancing until the place closed.  How I got back to the hotel is hazy.  Looking at my photos from last night, I love one of the toilet (photo will be added later): the sign says Check that the toilet is properly flushed after use.  Keep the toilet seat clean and dry.  Save there is no toilet seat, and the toilet would rank in the top 100 for nastiness.  Ah, irony.

Time for some Raffles beer.


Jake @ Expat Hell said...

Careful Waeg, if you stay outside of Korea for too long, it will be doubly hard to come back. In fact your wife may have to drag you out of the plane, kicking, screaming and clawing.

F5Waeg said...

I know the feeling of coming back after a long time well. . . at times it can be great, others like wtf am I doing. We'll see how it plays out this run.

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