Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This morning I was late for the first time in forever.  I woke feeling completely discombobulated and lacking any real focus.  This coalesced as I hit the expressway to work: the need for change.

I've been feeling it for a while.  A need to change something, anything, to bring something new into the mix.  Maybe it's just a midlife crisis.  Maybe it's just the same kind of existential angst most people experience at different times in their lives, in my case kimchi expat flavored.  This morning it took the form of needing to get the hell out of Korea.  I'm tired of scripted responses, overused cliches, being told I'm a sexual deviant for wanting to fuck Korean women.   Mostly I'm just tired.  My work has suffered the last few weeks, with my productivity way down.  Luckily, I'm about even with what most of my coworkers do now anyway, so no one has said anything.  It's not like I could get promoted any higher anyway, right?

No, this isn't the real problem.  I know I'm in a rut, and need to get out of it.

So what to do?  It's not like I can go camping forever, and even the liquor is getting boring.  I always feel like I need a long long vacation, but that won't solve it.  Getting more hobbies, going to the gym, getting out more, are all expected responses.  Still, still.

What's a man do? 

Time to redefine.


Roarchild said...

Doing a bit of exercise in the morning has never failed me.

It's a cliche but it does work.

Beaner said...

That's a tough one buddy. I get in a rut too and wish I could take a long ride for thousands of miles on my bike but alas not here. In 2010 I took a three month ride around the U.S. and didn't want it to end and all I can think of is doing it again sometime.

Unknown said...

I've been married to a Korean woman for many,many years,and I read a lot of various blogs by guys living in Korea and elsewhere. I always wonder what I would do in that situation,without access to my various hobbies. The things I did and enjoyed, like restoring old cars and motorcycles,would probably be impossible in a situation like yours, without a garage. One thing that has remained constant with all the various things I've done as hobbies over more than 30 years is that my wife has never taken the slightest interest in any of these activities-it's like they are invisible to her. Every now and then, she does notice that a pile of junk in the garage somehow turned into a Jeep or a motorcycle or something she can actually go for a ride on. These hobbies were how I defined myself-not the usually boring factory job I was in for 31 years. I guess my only suggestion would be to get that thing loved by girlfriends,and hated by wives-a motorcycle.

Beaner said...

Right, If I've had a bad day after I get off of work around 8 or 9 pm I take the long way home following my front tire. On weekends I sometimes get out, not as much as I used to but I get out and ride somewhere with my brothers like Seokcho or Chuncheon or Waegwan/Taegu and feel better about things after coming back but this is a small country and doesn't offer the months on end riding I can do in the US or Europe.

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