Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Camping 2.1!

This weekend we're out camping with three other families for children's day. I told a few of my coworkers about this new spot and three of them came with their families as well. We've nicely cornered a nice chunk of the campground.

Everything was great until the youngest disappeared. After a frantic 30 minute search she was found near a mile and a half upstream. She'd gone exploring with a boy.

Earlier, she had ignored me when I told her not to use another kid's innertube. She did anyway, and eventually the kid flipped her; when I fished her out she was covered in leaves and dirt. I felt little sympathy.

The second exploring incident caused all my children's day indulgence to evaporate. The girls have strict rules to always let someone know when they're off somewhere. I am paranoid, as being bicultural females makes them easy targets. After stern reprimands and a lengthy time out, she's now running crazy again.

Can't wait until she's a teenager.


tdc troll said...

I found your blog by accident today .
I also really enjoy camping.
Where exactly is the location of that campground?
On that same weekend I was at a campground around ChuCheon. Doyou know the Beobheung Valley area?

Let's get together and camp some weekend ?
This coming up one is 3-dayer.
Been here 17 years been camping all over.
Our wives can talk and we'll drink soju and eat
mae-u tang.

Cheers , Allan .

F5Waeg said...

Hey bud. Would love to, but this weekend I'm out with a pile.of peeps from work, updates forthcoming. Check out the nature boy label, some campsites posted. This one will appear on an updated map soon enough, recently found out it's 35 peak season, 25 each extra night, with further discounts the longer you stay.

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