Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


This could end up being you!
Late this afternoon the professor sent me an article about micro-aggressions.

I won't dig em all up, but I've written about that kind of thing before.  In fact, many of the Me and My Big Mouth posts are about dealing with similar kinds of situations.  The bit about scripted responses to being asked the same questions over and over again also resonated a little too loudly.  Maybe carrying around cards (NSFW) would be helpful in some situations.

This is a topic that has had a lot of ink spilled on it, and one that is guaranteed to drive the waegosphere into spasms.  You've got the: 'yup, that's so true' crowd, ruined by the 'waa waa they're so racist' crowd, the 'no, it's not true, you're simply maladjusted, you're too sensitive, it's never happened to me, it's nothing compared to what I dealt with back home, if you've got such a problem you should just get out' crowd, and the 'it's nothing compared to what I've dealt with in your asswipe of a country!' angry kyopo crowd.

Usually the discussion is far from productive, and quickly degenerates into name calling and accusations of racism all round.

As far as I'm concerned, to say it doesn't happen means you're either fortunate, oblivious, or wearing kimchi flavored sunglasses.  How you deal with it and not completely lose it every six months should be the focus of the discussion.

If all the long time waegs put together their collective hard earned 'wisdom', I'm sure we could come up with a 3 step program to resist the impulse to go completely batshit insane and snap, thus avoiding the scene of the waeg snapping at people at Emart, barking at some ajumma cutting in line on the subway, throwing 10 won coins at cab drivers who 'needed' to cut in front so as to save a whole 2 seconds, or hopping on the hood and urinating on random cars parked in the handicapped parking zone once again.  No, no, those are all BAD.  Bad waeg!  Down!  I said DOWN!  You USE cHOPSTickS sO WELLLL..... good waeg, there now, have some more soju.

There, there . . . get yourself right with the world, hmmm?  Try to keep it steady.  Can I get a smile?  See, I knew you could!


Time for bed.

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