Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter from an Avid Reader!

so many kinds of wrong
Recently, an avid reader left the following comment:

Hey Waeg,

Tried to find your email but failed. Anyways, I'm a big fan of your blog, but I was curious as to how you find the time to update so frequently? I like writing because it's easier to organize myself; it's satisfying but it seems to take a lot out of me. My goal is to write about my daily existance and reminisce at the same time, as you frequently do.

So Many Kinds of Wrong is my favorite category. I had some videos that you might like, I'm not sure if you've seen them or not though.

Edgar has the worst birthday ever:

Tourette's Guy (this guy has all of the links for hours of fun. Some say it's fake, but regardless it's a quality way to waste some time): (NSFW)

Parkour gone wrong:

Not sure if you're familiar with video mashups (or Youtube Poop, as they are called) Here's a few:

So Many Kinds of Awesomeness:

Anyways, have a good one.
-The Ghost Coast 

HARK!  Two emails in near a week that weren't hate and threat filled!  Hold the presses!

Thanks Ghost Coast for writing.  Feel free to send more; email is in profile.  I like receiving email, since it will often give me something to write about, which is part of the answer to your question not covered in this post.

That pretty much covers the writing thing; I try to eke out some time everyday to write something, anything.  Right now for example I just got back to the office after a quick dinner, and I banged this out all told in about 15 minutes (choosing the picture often takes more time than writing or searching for links).  As soon as I'm done I'll hunker back into work.  If you've read a lot of my posts, you'll notice certain patterns emerge, which makes it easier as well, as there are several different types of post that I can write depending on situation / mood.  None / Most are made up or embellished unless specifically stated as such.

As for the video mashups, sorry I didn't include most of the links, as I'll readily admit I'm not a big fan of the genre.  I'm pretty sure I posted Edgar and his evil mom a few months back, but I've refrained from posting any parkour fail videos due to the sheer number of them out there.  Still, can't believe dude got up and walked away from that like it was nothing.  Gotta be tough, but sometimes it's OK to ask for some hardcore painkillers.  

You'll be happy to know that several people have begun sending me vids, and I've come across another couple of sites that host videos suitable for So Many Kinds of Wrong, so I've got some decent to good ones for the next few weeks.  Of course, send me more if the urge strikes you; also, if you're interested, ask about my sponsorship program, where you can submit several videos for a dedicated So Many Kinds of Wrong for a nominal fee (some restrictions apply).

Cheers, and thanks for writing.


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