Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Election Day!

Today I scooted out of work early to go vote.  The process was less complicated than in years past, probably since in the district I now live there are a couple of other old timer waegs, so it's not such a surprise when a round eye shows up to support a nominal participatory democracy.

I had eliminated a few candidates early on: candidate S had a rather myopic anti FTA message plastered on all his posters, so he was out.  I got stuck behind one of candidate H's trucks the other day when I needed to hit the Wonj to visit a bank; I had to listen to his inane and empty political ramblings for a good ten minutes crawling along at 20 km/h before I was able to pass the truck while flipping the driver the bird.  I watched some of candidate K's workers place their truck in a way to block a banner for candidate C, so I eliminated both of them since K's workers were douchebags and C's were asleep at the wheel.  I eventually choose candidate J, since many of the women he had dancing for him on a street corner were actually rather cute, not your typical uptight ajumma.  They also had perfect form when waving, and gave a nice deep bow.  Witness the soft power of Korean femininity!

I now feel fulfilled and complete.  Mind, that could be the 2.2 manner one liter bottle of Smirnoff vodak I picked up my last run through Costco talking, but here's a cool video to distract that train of thought:

Time for some more Vodak cranberry.  Good for the kidneys it is.


Anonymous said...

F5's can vote in parliamentary elections? I thought it was only for local city/district elections. That is good to know. (Although I can’t vote.) I stood in front of one truck blasting out slogans. My presence made them all twitch a little bit, but then they got right back to the business of making noise.


F5Waeg said...

I was surprised. They sent me a package containing my registration and a pamphlet for every candidate.

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