Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


About a year ago one of June's friends had her husband abandon her and their kids.

He'd been missing for 4 months. One day he just didn't come home from work. June's friend kept mum until it was obvious.

He was a pharmacist. At least he left a pharmacy fully stocked, which translated into well over 250K. Enough to see the fam through the short term, but definitely not enough to pay for uni for his 3 kids.

The mom wanted to invest in June's business, but June was against it. There was a bit of bad blood there, as they used to work at the same school. Apparently the other mom quit when her coworkers began to refuse to do her paperwork; she had been consistently pawning it off, claiming she had no computer at home, and with three kids found it impossible to keep up with her 3 hour a day part time job.

It was a weird, sad situation. Considering the angst that June experienced at the time, I understood her unwillingness to take the investment. I counseled against it, as I'm not a right bastard who would take advantage of a desperate situation to take cash and risk fucking someone over.

She recently called June to update her on the situation: husband still AWOL, and the world being what it is, she had been encouraged to invest in a music institute that sank within months of receiving the infusion, with institute owner running off to Brazil. Mom has no idea what to do since she can't keep up with the bills. I'm sure there were vague questions as to maybe we could help out.

As I'm still waiting for June to report exactly how much she's making off her business, and how much she's paying off the loan to start it up, I'm glad there hasn't been any extra requests for cash. As I'm still paying off the trip back home, June's tuition to a cyber university, and the monthly bills, there isn't much left to squeeze out of this poor waeg right now.

Regardless, I'll be hitting the 'twon this weekend.

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