Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Night

It is Saturday night, and F5waeg once again finds himself staring at the video screen.

He has worked his typical 75 hour week. When he told his wife that he needed to go out Friday night for a mandatory dinner, she proceeded to make his life even more of a living hell as her plans from the week before had been bumped a week and now she couldn't count on him to watch the girls.

"I'll just leave them at an indoor playground while I go to dinner and a movie."

"Um, here's a video of some guy trying to kidnap a girl out of Walmart. Don't leave them unattended."

"OK. Here's some Korean beef for dinner."

No ones eats the beef except the wife. It is her lunar birthday, so no one feels like making a scene, despite how they sent gifts when Facebook told them to. At the last minute she drops the girls at a friends house. She feels they can be left alone. They are 9 and 6.

"My friends all have at least one apartment they own and two nice cars. You are such a loser. Make more money."

He makes 70 grand a year. The banks in Korea won't lend him money since he isn't Korean. All her friends owe money to the bank, this he knows.  He'd like to get things really rolling, but every month for years his contribution has simply disappeared. Every time he asks for an update as to savings, he meets a stone wall.

It is Saturday night. He should go out.  No one calls him anymore.  In front of him is 400 worth of bills. He knows that he has to travel to Seoul three times in the next month, and the 200 in his wallet is all he has for the lot. He hasn't been intimate with his wife in over two months, and he's beginning to look at his coworker in a way that some would deem inappropriate.

"Take out the trash. I feel sick, I can't cook anything. Don't forget the laundry. Stop smoking. Are you really going to drink tonight? The mothers at my kindergarten want you to come visit the students. You should teach them too."

F5Waeg thinks of his girls, and tries to be cool. "Could you make an effort to only eat Korean beef when out please? No one here wants to eat it, and you know how I feel, since they invest their money into vilifying me and in proxy my children."

"I can't believe you would say that on my birthday. You think that but it's not true. You can think that if you want, but I won't. I don't think it's true. I won't think it's true. I can't believe you would say that on my birthday."

She throws a spoon and stomps into the bedroom. She says she will stay at the kindergarten. F5Waeg packs up his clothes and says: Stay. I'll leave. See you later. His only consolation is that she will have to clean the kitchen.

On his way to the office, he knows there will never be peace, and he worries about his children. As he drags his mat and sleeping bag from the famvan, he wonders what he should do.

It is Saturday night.  He has no idea.


Beaner said...

Damn! I feel ya hommey.

Jake in Korea said...

Yup, this would pretty much summarize part of the F-Visa holder's life cycle. When does the satisfaction ever come? When does one sit back and say "Man, I've come a long way but look at everything I've achieved" ? Best not to think about it too much. Ain't much you can do aside from self medicating. Come out to Seoul; we have Casinos, loose women and overpriced drinks.

BenTo said...

Haven't checked your blog for a while. Things are grim in the Wonj Weag.

Roarchild said...

Not long ago we pretty much doubled our disposable income and I expected that we would start saving some money. Within a couple of months my wife was worrying that a gas bill might be larger than normal.

After a frustrating couple of days trying to explain that it’s better to wait until the end of the month/pay cycle before you spend all your money on “wants” and being met with a counter argument of emotional crap trap, I decided to take control of our finances.

I now at least pay all the bills before giving her any of my income. Magically we now seem a lot better of financially.

I took strength from the miserable existence of the poor husband of one of my wife’s friends has. Working 6 days and always too tired to do anything. When they get holidays they are off driving cross country to visit the family. He’s a builder and knows his prime earning days are drawing to a close and they have hardly any savings.
2 cars and an apartment mortgage though.

Anonymous said...

I feel you to dude. Been there before. You already know this though - wait a while and things settle down. It's best just to let women think they are right, even when they are clearly wrong. Being in Korea only makes things worse though. Best to just keep on keepin on.

MSG Rock said...

Yea, don't think for a moment it's because she's Korean. It's because she's a W-O-M-A-N!!!!

F5Waeg said...

Sadly, many netizens will make it out to be about the ethnic end of it, but that ain't it. Sometimes men and women lose it when they get too close, sometimes they don't. In this case, definitely very few happy times.

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