Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ich weiß Nicht Deutsch Sprechen!

Tonight I booted up to the big smoke for a business dinner.  It was at the German restaurant pictured here.

As I was taking the photo, an older Korean man came up and started speaking to me in German.  It took me a minute to say: I'm sorry I don't speak German.

He was thoroughly bemused.  He immediately switched to English and began telling a tale of how years ago he had migrated to Germany and had just recently returned home to retire.

The Korean-German connection comes up now and again in the waegosphere, so I had some idea where he was coming from.  He went over as a miner years back, stayed and opened a number of successful businesses.  He was very friendly and we had a great chat.  I wish I had asked for his number as I'd love to hear more about him and how he made his way.

I work with a German guy who met his Korean wife while she worked as a nurse.  He came to Korea back in the 80s and never left.  He'll probably be buried in the hills behind work.  Everyone loves and thinks he's awesome: not only is he a hard working bastard, but contributes significantly to any project he's involved in.  I think he's a pretty stand up fellow.

I met a kid with a Korean mom and German dad at a college I worked at years ago.  He had come back to the Fatherland to reconnect with his roots.  He couldn't speak Korean that well and left after a year.  Nice kid.

If this were a more intellectual type of blog, I may be tempted to poke around and write up more about this Korean-German connection, and how men were encouraged to learn German so they could study for free in Germany while women were encouraged to learn French as German is too harsh for the pure virtuous fragile Korean woman; lucky for you this is not the case.  I'll do some more reading, suggest you go read this for starters, then go look for more idiotic videos for this week's edition of So Many Kinds of Wrong.

You're welcome.

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