Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Consumer Heaven!

Free Junk Food!  Better Buy Three!
One super awesome aspect of being a consumer in Korea is the often amazing A/S, or after service, and E/S, or extra service, that comes bundled when buying anything from a household appliance to a carton of milk to an insurance policy.  The E/S is usually pretty obvious, seen in the form of extra milk or yoghurt scotch tapped to the side of your milk carton; one thing the neophyte waeg needs to get in tune with is the A/S side of things.

Today was a perfect example: I was unloading a pile of material from the fam van that I had stored at home when I had an incredibly dumb brain fart and locked my keys inside.  I thought about getting old skool on it with a coat hanger, or easier still taking advantage of the nice big rock sitting next to the parking lot, when instead I simply called June and asked her for the phone number for our insurance company.

Within 30 minutes of the call, a dude showed up in a tow truck and had that puppy open in about five minutes.  I work a bit out of town in the hills, so this was pretty good time indeed.  I've used the service to get my car jumped, a tire changed, and the fam van towed to a garage, although with the latter they only give the first 12 kms free.

Sure, yes, I can change a tire and with patience could have gotten that lock open myself.  But why get dirty or frustrated when some guy is only a phone call away and will come take care of that shit for you, FREE?

So if you aren't in the know, consider which company will offer you the best A/S, and don't be afraid to make that call.  This will give you some well earned time to sit on ass and contemplate the immensity of the universe.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! That's nothing. A friend of mine has triple A. He gets full free towing. He takes out the truck, gets drunk, then unscrews a spark plug when he's ready to go home. Calls the triple A folks, gets the car towed to his place, puts spark plug back in.

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