Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've never met one I didn't like

It was at about a quarter to two when I took a break from compiling design sheets and touched the side of my neck.  I immediately bolted up as I traced the outline of a huge nasty bump on the left side.  I ran my hand up to behind my ear and found another hard little nugget under the lobe.  Immediate freak out.

Some quick googling brought up inflammed lymph nodes.  Words like Cancer and Infection were only mildly tempered with normal and not serious.  I shut everything down in record time and blew out of there without a word to anyone; I had to see a doctor NOW.

My tooth had been feeling weird for days, and thought it a related infection.  After sitting in the dentist's office for about 30 minutes, gotten x-rays and examined, the dentist said there was nothing wrong with my teeth, it could be an inflamed saliva duct.  You need to see a different doctor.  He was Fast.  I wasn't charged, even for the x-rays. Very nice.

Across the hall is my ENT doc.  When he sees me he touches the side of my neck and woooooes: that doesn't look good.  A few tests, temperature, exam . . . are you still working at that plastics company?


You need a break.  This is stress related.  Take a rest.  I'll give you a doctor's recommendation that you need to take a month off.

That ain't gonna happen, but thanks anyway.  Can I get something to bring the swelling down.

A raised eyebrow.  Of course.  But you really should take it easy for a few days.  The nurse will give you a shot.

The nurse knows her job well.  I don't feel a thing except for the few slaps administered to my bottom.  Spank me woman!  She laughs and swats me again.  Of all the older experienced nurses I've known, I've never met one I didn't like.  Dealing with blood, feces, weird diseases changes a person after a few years, makes 'em a bit hard and cynical with a dose of gallows humor.

Outside I hit the stairs three at a time.  The pharmacist downstairs always goes through the same spiel, and I always ask the same questions.  No, you don't have to take that one, it's just to ease your stomach.  No, you shouldn't drink.  Today she goes slightly off script, giving me a mischievous grin: well, you can drink a little.  The look I send back says we both know that already.

Home.  I could have made it back to the office, but I'm beat, exhausted, in need of down time.  The house will be empty for a good two hours.  I pop the first dose, down about a half liter of water, and crawl into bed.  After a very satisfying wank, I drift off into the ether.  My dreams are bleak and indigo.  I sleep until 3, waking to an empty bed.  I dress and walk outside.  The night is cold, cold, the silence rent only by wind and a distant car horn.  I walk in ever widening circles, waiting for something to come.  It doesn't.  But then, it rarely does.  I look at all the stars in the sky, and imagine futures that will be and could have been.

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