Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Space Between!

John had barely made it to the toilet when a fetid stream of liquid shit spat from his anus.  Hed been feeling off for quite some time now, and nothing the docs gave him worked to make him right as rain.  He moved off the more offensive solids, avoiding grease, spice, anything of dubious provenance.  He ate only basic, wholesome food.  He stopped drinking and steered clear of all 'meds'.  Still the sickness pervaded him, brought him low, rented his intestinal track with wave after spasmatic wave, again and again for days.  It affected his work life, his dating life, everything.  He was at a loss for what to do.

Captain James Cook had been working on the project for 27 years, and now it seemed close, so close to fruition.  Interstellar space travel was finally within the grasp of the human race!  The difficulties they had endured!  When humans had begun to colonize their solar system, it had taken years to arrive at even the closest planets.  Finding a means to navigate past the Kuiper Belt and past the threshold had been difficult to surmount.  The incident of the Needle nearly resulted in the complete destruction of all the plutoids and the death of its crew; no known substance had been devised to withstand the pressure and intense radiation.  The explosion had been similar to a mini nova, even at that distance seen on Earth for years.   Thanks to his work on magnetic resonance, a crewed ship had finally made it to the threshold and were about to become the first humans to leave their cradle.

John was able to enjoy a good 10 minutes before the pain hit him again, this time far more intense than anything so far.  He doubled over and groaned, a deep guttural sound that scared his cat who scurried off into some dark corner.  Sweat covered his entire body, his clothes drenched with his stank.  He wiped his brow: a yellow stain covered his hand.  He felt as if he were burning up, the heat from his body emanating in waves.  His eyes began to lose focus.  What the fuck is happening to me.

-Prepare for ignition commander Bligh!  -Yes sir! Captain Cook.  It was a running joke on ship.  That their captain was the namesake of another hardy adventurer who had endured many trials and tribulations in pursuit of knowledge and glory was not lost on them.  They gave themselves names from Cook's crew and laughed at their wit.  They didn't believe in fate, a concept from a more primitive and superstitious past, when capricious gods and goddesses played with human destiny.  This was a rebirth of an age of action, when humans took full control of their future!  Bligh reached over and slotted the accelerator disk.  The ship began to hum

John felt the heat the insufferable heat begin deep inside his navel.  Shoulda .. . listened. . . to . . Margie when . . she said I could stand to lose . . a few. . .

The ship began to tremble.  All the tests showed this to be normal.  Bligh turned the power to full.  The ship blinked.

John could no longer think.  The heat rose to a fever pitch.  His clothes began to smoke, then his torso burst into an intense flame which enveloped his body in seconds.

The ship reappeared on the other side of the threshold and instantly began a sub atomic chain reaction.  The gaseous space between reacted to the polymer composition of the ship.  The artificial combination of organic and metallic served as a catalyst, instantaneously causing everything to simply close.  The crew never knew it, nor any thing else.  Everything had simply ceased to be.

The fire crew had come and gone, but they hadn't really been needed.  The fire had been highly localized and out in minutes.  -Why you think he did it?  And how?  - Who knows Mac.  People today, it's hard to say.  But yeah, 700 degrees centigrade, now that's a weird one.  How you gonna write it up? 

Mac thought a minute.  

-Spontaneous human combustion.

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