Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Letter from a Long Time Reader!

A while back I received the following email from someone who self describes as a long time reader:

Dear Waeg

I've been reading your blog for a while and find it at times entertaining.  Being a Korean married to an Englishman, some of your writings resonate all too deep.  I do hope you and your wife can work out your differences, which seem generally related to a lack of communication.  If it makes things any easier, I have many friends who like me are in mixed marriages, and some of the disagreements you have with your wife are similar to what I've seen in other Korean females / non Korean male pairings. Not to lecture, but it's all about perspective.  I would guess that your wife has not spent a lot of time overseas.

While I don't doubt that you aren't an ESL teacher, and I understand why you avoid spelling out exactly what you do, you do a disservice by pretending to be something you aren't.  Why not, as you purport to do, 'step up' and own what you really are?  Maybe if you remove the facade, you can find a way to be equal with your spouse.

Sign me, this being a random email account (10/4/11)

Hi, sorry for not responding sooner, but the planets were not aligned, the world wasn't ready, the gods had yet to receive their payment in blood, pithy expression related to timing here.  That I would remember your email under the circumstances is in itself divine Providence.  Sadly, the hate always gets a more visceral reaction and generates more comments, which are somewhat scant on my stoopid blog.  But then, I haven't posted most of what I've received, always saving the best for last.

I should preface my response with the fact that I'm pretty drunk and I'll probably ramble a bunch.  We hosted a parents' meeting for the kindergarten tonight, and several of the dads stayed late. We talked about plans for the next dad's meeting; I'm no longer allowed to miss out, as they know I've been staying away because of the last asshole in charge.  He's out and the new guy is all about rockin' the house.  This is all good.

I've worked hard to reconcile myself to the fact that I married when I never wanted to.  I wanted to travel, see the world.  Live.  Truth is, I haven't been able to completely accept that the time I've spent being married has resulted in frustration, stupification, youngins I'm responsible for no matter the cost.

I self styled as free, random, open.  I've always laughed at idiots like this, and never dreamed I'd become the like.

Are there issues of communication?  Sure.  Has June not spent much time abroad?  Bingo.  Should I share more about what I do?  Any more would cause the universe to contract upon itself centered within my sphincter.

I appreciate the well wishes.  Quite frankly, this little Ted Talk below has done more for helping sort out married life in general, ignoring the whole "OMG! I'm NOT married to SOMEONE of my own ETHNICITY!!" schtick that has spawned too many websites.

It isn't that June is Korean that is the real issue.  It's what she's like as a person that I focus on.

Let's see where I end up in ten-fifteen, eh?

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