Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Furniture!

I came home last night to a huge pile of discarded furniture stacked in front of the apartment.  I looked it over quickly, but decided to give it a pass.  Some of it was OK, but after years of living in the ROK, I've adopted the Korean habit of not wanting to pick up someone else's trash, no matter how cool or cute it may be. 

This statement is of course ironic, since when June got home she insisted I bring up one of the dressers.  It was the one piece I had seriously considered bringing up, as it was an obviously well made and solid piece.  While a bit dated, it was also clearly a little on the expensive side.

This is another little reason why I agreed to marry this woman.  Wish I saw more of these, but I digress.

After hauling it upstairs with the help of the apartment guard, then came the rearranging.  I love how most apartments and furniture in Korea are so cookie cutter; makes everything fit pretty easy.  When we first moved in, the movers were actually quite amazed at just how well everything seemed to fit in the apartment.  Guess some designer / architect somewhere had more than a few cylinders firing the day they designed that stuff.

We did need a new dresser, and if we hadn't of pulled that one in it's quite possible it would have simply been broken down into pieces and recycled into press-board.  When you see discarded furniture, you best jump on it as fast as possible for this very reason: some overzealous Bacchus-D-fueled-super-adjusshi apartment guard will decide to go at it and break it down into pieces to be sold as scrap.  I've missed out on a couple of nice items over the years this way.

At least this way we won't have to buy any more of that made in Vietnam stuff for a while.

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