Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Leaving yesterday morning, June mentioned that she hadn't reserved a camping spot for the jazz festival. Admittedly, I should have been more committal about the trip. We decided to try our luck and pitch the tent somewhere nearby.

We thought we had scored gold when we found a nice rich spot next to the river about 3 kms from the site. We set the tent up and parked the car in a lot close to the festival and went to enjoy the tunes.

About three hours later, I get a call: hey, come move your tent!  You can't camp here!  They must have found the fam van and got my number off it, but wow, that took some doing.  The issue was that I'd been drinking rice wine for a good two hours and shouldn't drive.  Even though I won rock scissor paper with June, of course I went and dealt with it. 

I left June and the girls and went to pack the tent. Thankfully I hadn't left any of the gear at the site since we'd be off elsewhere, but it still took close to two hours to finish the deed.  The tent was further away then I thought, but I did sober up.

I did get to enjoy some more of the show, and was glad we hadn't dropped the won for the main concert site: the girls got bored after supper, and to really enjoy the music at the main site would have seen us stay there til past midnight.  They did enjoy watching the flying lanterns being set off, and asking me to guess where they'd be headed, but they weren't keen on going into the main site itself, they wanted warmth and sleep.  Letting them sleep on mats bundled up in sleeping bags and blankets would have been an option, but instead we loaded up and went in search of a motel.

We had planned to hit Costco the next day, so heading towards Seoul was the best plan.  Traffic was shit. We had been driving / crawling for close to an hour when the youngest just about lost it: it's a castle motel!! Can we stay there???!?!??

Sure, why not. I'm pretty tired anyway. Let's check it out.

I gave the clerk a dirty look when he said it was 7 manners for a single night, but he knew he had us. Traffic was still crawling, and I was beat. The room was pretty much what I expected, faux marble cupids and a round bed, cheap tacky Louis XIV furniture replete with the lowest quality cosmetic garbage imaginable.  No internet or wifi.  In Korea, for 7 manners wifi or internet is usually standard in most motels.  The fun parts were offering a vague explanation to the eldest as to what condoms were and watching Jackie Chan be a drunken boxer as we fell asleep.

All in all a nice weekend, although Costco took a nice toll. Still, nice to have the freezer full. The only glitch was on the way home when June refused to eat any of the suggestions I put forth for dinner: she was bent on kimchi stew. The girls don't really care for it and would end up only eating seaweed and rice, so I suggested a plethora of dishes I could make with our new found food wealth. No dice. I got annoyed and mentioned how the girls wouldn't really get strong on seaweed rice all the time, and she proceeded to berate me for not eating the food she makes, dragging up the last episode where I didn't eat her marinated beef with glass noodles.

I reminded her that when she had asked me at the time what I wanted to eat, I said I was sick and didn't want to eat meat or any noodle dish, but would really go for some kind of soup. She went ahead and made marinated beef and glass noodles anyway since she really wanted it. I ate a cup of instant chicken soup. I was pretty sick and just wanted something hot with lots of liquid.

She stayed mad at me for about two hours after that conversation, since it wasn't that I wouldn't eat her food, but that she had tried to throw something in my face that came right back on her.  I wasn't really too upset about her asking me what I wanted at the time, then cooking the exact thing I said I didn't want, but that she'd try to use that as ammo in a petty squabble.

She did eat the chicken soup I made for dinner; the girls and I peeled potatoes, cut carrots and broccoli, threw some rice and chicken wings into a pot.  Baguette and cheese on the side.  It was delicious.  As a protest, June ate a bunch of kimchi with it.  I hope it helped settle her stomach as she intended.

Time for bed.

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