Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bongos and Country Bumpkins!

For years I've despised the blue Bongo trucks that are ubiquitous on Korean roads. Usually whenever a Korean driver does something incredibly stoopid, 6 times out of 10 that driver will be behind the wheel of a Bongo.  Whenever you're woken early on a Saturday morning by some dude blasting a pitch at 10000 decibels for the amazing onions he's selling at 2 chonners, guaranteed he's selling those onions out of the back of a Bongo.

I'm not alone in my assessment.  Last night while talking to a Korean manager from another subsidiary, we shared our mutual disdain for the drivers of Bongos.  His reaction was far more visceral: farmers driving on city roads like they would in the country, driving like lunatics, parking wherever the hell they want. . .the amount of venom started to actually make me uncomfortable.  But then, many city-dwelling Koreans do have a huge amount of disdain for their country living brothers and sisters.

I thought about all this: sure, the country bumpkin is generally pissed on in most places by urbanites, and despite being a bit of a country boy myself can get it whenever I see the Bongo drivers driving like retreads and hearing some of the inane shit that passes as public opinion in small villages.  Still, it is those same country bumpkins who are importing wives like crazy, a situation which will continue to have a huge impact on the fabric of Korean society for years to come, so I can't get my hate on that much.  Besides, I've met some great country folk, and would generally prefer their company to some of the snooty nouveau-riche Gangnam wannabees who generally inhabit middle management.  Even if those country bumpkins do drive a Bongo.


Anonymous said...

Gangnam has it's idiotic Equus drivers too who park wherever they want and generally prevent traffic engineering from working

F5Waeg said...

sure, and I refrained from bringing up the equus drivers when listening to his rant

Beaner said...

Traffic Engineering?!? Ha not on your life in this country. Bongo's and One Eye Buffalo tractors in the mountain roads are my Bane of existance. Pretty much any and all other cars and trucks since I'm usually found on two wheels.

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