Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue Folders!

Those who have been in the game long enough in Korea are familiar with the blue folder.

Blue folders are handed out often whimsically by Korean companies and schools as a sign of recognition. The vast majority of blue folders contain awards or recognition for completely inane things, such as being a good sport, having actually shown up for an event, or being able to eat your lunch without dropping most of it into your lap.  Some blue folders are considered more impressive, such as those indicating that you've been hired for a particular position, won a contest, or have been given a promotion.  The goal generally seems to amass as many blue folders as possible.

Back in the day I taught many students who had nearly an entire bookshelf devoted to blue folders.  I would sometimes tease the kids about their blue folder collection.  It happened on one occasion that shortly after teasing one kid about her blue folder armada, she stopped taking lessons.  I quickly learned not to mock the power of the magical blue folder and would act duly impressed when confronted with a bookshelf full of blue folders.

One of the gripes from the waegs at work, myself included, is that there aren't as many opportunities for us to receive blue folders.  This gripe is a well founded one, as personal evaluations have a rather large section intended for people to fill in the specs on all their blue folders.  We always lose points there. 

I've collected a few over the years, but I am somewhat jealous of the eldest, who already has half as many as I do, and I've been collecting them for twice as long.  But then, most of mine aren't about passing naptime.  I suppose hers is well deserved, as I did fail that one in kindergarten.  I still maintain that the teacher had it out for me since at the precocious age of 5 I figured out how to pick the lock to the bathroom, thus giving the entire class a looksee at her while she was taking a dump.  That and the fact that I never slept in the afternoon, thus depriving her of some well deserved down time.

Time for some Max.

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