Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Me and my Big Mouth

Sometimes people say all kinds of crap without thinking about it too much. 

This blog is a case in point. I just speak my mind, when I should just sit quietly.

These days, I feel I let too many things slide. I swallow so much bullshit that whenever I smell it I get all rosy and utter good belly laughs that frighten the intrepid and make those in the know nod and smile.

I'm wondering what happened to that uncompromising punk kid asshole who self sabotaged whenever a steaming pile of toolie was being served, but I digress.

Today was a solid three hours of I-don't-give-a-fuck, when it should have been the typical put that bib on and chow down, waeg.

Around the water cooler, Mr. Cha was waxing on about the virtues of Korean kindness. He said that Koreans were the kindest people on earth.  Then he asked what I thought.

I knew there was no stopping it when my eye started to twitch.  I just stood back and watched:

Yes, Koreans are very kind, if they know who you are. If you make a relationship with a Korean, they will share their last cigarette with you as the world is ending. They'll commiserate and take your side in any argument.  

But it seems they are pretty fair weather friends. Even related by blood does not guarantee that they'll have your back. If they don't know you, you are insignificant, unless you drive a nice car or have the right apartment sticker.  Generally they lack civic virtue.  They donate among the least of OECD countries privately and nationally.  They're willing to sell out cultural heritage at the drop of a hat, probably so it'll give something to complain about later.  They speak of fairness and equality and overcoming the tragedies of the past, yet act like spoiled children unwilling to share when it comes to treating the dispossessed within their own borders.  Fickle and capricious would be good words to describe Koreans at their worst, traits that are tolerated and considered understandable through common consensus.

There is no doubt Mr. Cha was severely taken aback by what I said.  He just stared incredulously, like I'd just pissed into the earthen kimchi jar on his ancestral homestead.

Now, I do believe that stupidity is a universal constant, and I'm hoping he won't hold a grudge against me and that his panties aren't in a knot about it.  From experience, these types of conversation never end well.  You can't win and its best to just smile.  When will I ever learn?

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