Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Letter from an Avid Reader!

Do you ever feel like you're wasting your life? That you've given far more than you could ever receive?


Do you want to feel that way??


Then come to Korea, land of the morning perpetual erection! You too could get a job in a hakwon, and with some effort and foresight, easily rise beyond that! You too could marry some nice skinny woman who will come to hate you after a good ten years! Sure, you can get that back home, but why not marry one that will still make your friends jealous when she's still hot at 40??

Never mind that she's a loser! Once it gets to the point that maybe people will realize your wife is from a poor background, they'll go back home and then you can meet the next batch of impressionable retreads coming in to teach at Ding Dang Dong!

Make people think you've got it going on! Make them think you know a thing or three about life!

If hipsters get in your way, encourage them to move to haebangchon, or force them to find work elsewhere, through your extensive channel of connections!

Yeah baby!

This is the gist of the email I received tonight:

I just want to thank you for showing what is is to live your life as the wrong way, warning to not be.

I've seen your 'ilk' many times before: loser fat white guy, buying his way through life, thinking in terms of white knight, not having to really give yet thinks he has sacrificed so much.

You think you know, and you spread your poison invective on all they who cross your path. Before they know what you really are, the normale turnover avoids you from having to face their serious questions.

I just want to say: you never will get it. You never will understand. You are who you are and no matter who you dick it will never change that you are unable to get over yourself.

You think you know me. You think you can know what is. I know who you are, and I know what makes you.

I know your wife. She worked to raise her family in '96. She was turned away by a good guy when he figured out just what she was.

This isn't wwanting to hurting you.

I just can't know why you made that mistake. Why do you stay when the people obvously don't want you?

You should just learn to be really real.

Stop talking like you know the smell of shit. Stop pretending to something you can never be. Stop thinking that you could ever be more than that guy.

I had to let this one sit for a while, as my initial reaction was either to delete or fire off some missive. But then I watched some Breaking Bad, had a drink or six of rice wine, and let it slide.

The irony is that in some ways they are right. I don't subscribe completely to that white privilege horseshit, since I've lived too long abroad to see that every country does the same. It ain't so much as about color as about where you were born. That works even in Korea: ask a Jeolla or Gangwon person how easy it is for them to get hired. You want to get in, you've got to learn to walk the walk.

I won't apologize for having a cock and an education. I won't use either for evil, yet nor will I ignore that either exist.

Nor will I ignore the fact that the letter seems contrived and obviously meant to unsettle. No worries I got over that many a year ago.

Still, thanks for the letter. I like it when someone takes the time to write. I suppose I should fill this space with the very few thanks and great jobs I've received over the few months, but when some retread decides to bait, it makes for far more entertaining fodder.

When you're ready to share something I haven't already thought of, or that hasn't already made the rounds in the expat community 50 years ago, we can have a real conversation.

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Jake @ expatHELL said...

Sounds stalker-ish. I'll never understand the nature of the internet in Korea. Netizens continuously give the entire nation a black eye. A lot of their emails and postings aren't just critical, they are creepy. I wonder if they speak the same way in Korean. Creepy.

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