Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This morning I reproached myself for not going out camping.  It was a nice day and I'm itching to get the hell out of my little box.  But I promised the girls I'd take them to Everland sometime this week, so I figured I'd at least get prepped for the camping extravaganza by hitting up the Costco for supplies.

The eldest and I enjoyed some quality time together as consumers.  After spending 55 manners at the PX in the sky, we headed out to load up the fam van with our booty.

The nice day had become pissing torrents of rain.  I couldn't even drive faster than 100, which while a drag was still pushing it.  As I drove and hoped I wouldn't hydroplane, I remembered the heaviest rain I've ever experienced in Korea.

This was well before getting married.  The news was full of flood videos, mountain sides coming down, bridges and buildings collapsing.  You couldn't walk the streets without finding yourself in half a foot of water.  The night that was the worst was also the night the Kimchi Princess came to visit.

Now before you deride and denounce for the name, listen: she actually called herself that, despite the delicious irony.  Her family owned a couple of domestic kimchi manufacturing plants and one in China;  they were loaded, and she would often go on about being a pure Kimchi Princess.  I'm not one to dictate how peeps should self identify, so the Kimchi Princess she is until she tells me different. 

We'd been playfully flirting for quite some time, hanging out with mutual friends, hitting the clubs and whatnot.  I never took it seriously, thinking it friendly banter, something many should take as a lesson, but I digress.  She was a bit better than average looking, with rather large assets.

At 21, she drove an SM3, wore the latest fashion, spent far too much at beauty salons.  Basically the kind of girl who saw the world mostly in terms of things and stuff, far from the kind I showed serious interest in.

For some reason, she took to me like a fly to shit, and became more and more insistent on meeting alone.  I begged off having too many on the go to realistic keep track of at that point, but when she demanded to see me to go out drinking once again on the rainiest night ever, I carelessly said I was free if she came down to the Wonj.

Five and a half hours later she showed up knocking on my studio door.  She carried a cake and roses, a devil may care look in her eye.  Let's go drink she said.

Not one to let myself be shown short, I took her keys and drove her to a bar.  I told her she was crazy to drive to the Wonj in that, which drew nothing more than a smile from her.  She proceeded to order a bottle of Jack, hitting it hard and fast.  Within a couple of hours we had polished that off and some beers for good measure when she leaned over and began to devour me.  Let's go.  She paid the bill and drunkenly sauntered towards the door.

This was one of the times I decided I really like assertive women.  Putting aside any misgivings, it seemed like a really great idea to pile back into her car and drive to my place.

Deep in my simian little mind I knew that crashing the car would be a very bad thing.  Avoiding the roads that I knew usually had checkpoints was hard enough; trying to drive steady while she insisted on making out and rubbing me rather vigorously was another.  At one point we came within centimeters of smashing head on into another car, at which point I aggressively pushed her back and told her to wait.  Within ten minutes we were back at my place.

As she stumbled from the door to my bed removing clothing, it became more than apparent just how wasted she was.  This became painfully obvious when she couldn't take her bra off and knocked her head on the wall a couple of times in the process.  Hey, just lay down a minute, there's no rush.

Within five minutes she was out cold.

I slipped her half removed bra back on and covered her with a thin sheet, then went to the kitchen to grab a beer.  I was kinda pissed, as at this point I'd worked myself well into a frenzy.  But there was no way I was going there.

I watched some porn and played online poker.  When I finally began to be ready for sleep, I realized the rain had stopped.  I had no dreams.

The next morning she was gone.  We never spoke again.

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hehe another random encounter in Korea. I could tell some stories along the same lines. ah the memories. Keep up the cool blog.

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