Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Letter from a First Time Reader!

Yesterday I received an email from a first time reader.  This is what they had to say:

I came across your blog after clicking through a comment you left at ************.com.  I thought your comment was incredibly stupid and insensitive, and after reading your blog I see that I was right about your overall intellectual and emotional capacity.  Not only is your writing juvenile and pedantic, but your overall outlook is morally suspect and indicative of serious mental issues.  You should probably just jump off a bridge and stop wasting space and resources, since your drinking and smoking will lead you to an early death anyway and you're going to end up passing your twisted views off onto your children.

Joseph Z. (in signature)

Hi Joe, thanks for reading.  I appreciate comments and will generally respond.  If you have something that you'd like to say, the email is in profile.

While I doubt you will read this Joe, I'd still like to take some time to respond to several of the points you've raised in your missive.

First off, the comment I made was simply to agree with what the majority of posters had written before I posted.  I guess I am too much of a sheep, what with trying to fit into a foreign environment and make a life for myself and family.  Generally, when in Rome, do as the Romans they say, and I guess I could be accused of often going along with the consensus of a group and not really flexing my intellectual muscles.  I know, I know, my bad.  It is obvious to me now that your high-mindedness doesn't allow you to grasp something as simple as a pun (play on words, similar to the one being made in the comments), which is a low form of humor suitable only for an intellect of my capacity.  I should have simply agreed with you that the author had made a mistake and left it at that.

Now, I have to take issue with your use of the word 'pedantic' to criticize my blog, which I assume you to mean boring, unimaginative, too focused on minutiae:  if you'll again look at the sidebar, I state explicitly that what I write about are the boring, mundane experiences of my insipid, repetitive life.  I make no promises about anything else, and if you do find a gem or three you should consider it gravy.  The fact is Joe, I write in a juvenile way on pedantic subjects since I am angry and sad that my life is not nearly as exciting as the way it is described by Korean media and the fine people at Anti-English
Spectrum.  I came to Korea when I read how awesome my life would be; I expected a deluge of drugs, women, and money, since those people said that the average waeg got all that and more when they came to Korea.  I've been pretty much disappointed since the get-go.  I write about my everyday experiences as a means to refute these statements concerning what my life is supposed to be like, and vent my frustration at it not being so. 

While you may think suicide by jumping off a bridge is the best option for someone of my caliber, this would be terribly irresponsible of me since most of my insurance policies would not pay out any serious premium if I followed that course.  FYI, if you were serious about me taking an early leave of this plane to spare my children and the world any future contamination from my sub-par intellect and abnormal worldview, you would encourage me to make it look like an accident while driving.  If I were to go out in that scenario, my family would get a triple payout on one policy and a double on another, bringing in well over a million dollars.  Can you imagine the effect on my children when realizing that their dad did himself in the worst way possible, earning the least amount of insurance?  This would be far more damaging then any I could do teaching them the importance of study, the value of good interpersonal relationships, or the need to constantly self improve and engage fully and authentically in life.

Finally, as for my drinking and smoking, I take it you must lead a fairly clean and healthy life, and I commend you.  Personally, I am perhaps a little too free in my thinking on the subject, as I find it not only socially acceptable to engage in these behaviors but desirable as well.  Life is too short to spend all your time and energy getting all fired up about idiotic ramblings spewed by some twat on the internet.  Getting out there and meeting people while drinking and smoking is a great way to avoid all that.

Anyway, thanks again for your letter Joe.  Feel free to write again if the urge strikes you.

Warmly yours,


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