Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years

Living in Wonju South Korea, These Many Long Years: Version 2.0!

Saturday, July 30, 2011


The news the last few days has been filled with pictures of the great floods and landslides that came during the insane rain last week.

One of my adjumma friends longs to live in Gangnam as it's the 'swankiest' place to live in Korea.  Sadly, she can't afford it.

When she saw the pictures of Gangnam flooded, she was all 'serves them right'.

It reminded me of the Korean expression "when my cousin buys land I get a stomach ache".  Hey, nothing too wrong with a little schadenfreude.

June complained how the flooding never would have happened in Japan. She insisted that when it rains there, they don't have these kinds of problems.

No, but they do have nuclear power plant meltdowns.

Concerns over floods and landslides have led me to change our plans for camping. We'll start at the beach next week.


Beaner said...

We have the flood problems here because Civil Engineering isn't even an afterthought of development. It's the whole Balli Balli culture to build and fast but not right.

And Gangnam is a wealthy crap-hole if you ask me. I like living in the mountains away from as much civilization as I can get. But down in the flat lands of Pyongtaek I have to live near Asan city about 10 miles south of the base to have some peace and quiet.

F5Waeg said...

What gets me is the stench coming out of the sewers all the time. I would have to agree about the lack of civil engineering although newer developments are better. What made me shake my head was to hear June make the comparison to Japan, which while very Korean is usually not like her.

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